Brujeria – Pocho Aztlan


BRUJERIA is one of the most unique bands I’ve ever heard. From Los Angeles, California, this extreme metal band covers situations with their música that are either related to real-life problems that Mexicanos face, or hilarious situations that an hermano can identify with. Their recent album Pocho Aztlan (out now, Nuclear Blast Records) is so good, that even if you don’t understand a word, you’ll get a great dose of metal. A bit of curiosity about this album is that it will be released on the Mexican día de la indepenencia, and it marks the return of a band that the metal community is aware of. I can’t wait until I have the chance to see this band life and become part of their familia.

“Pocho Aztlan” talks about how BRUJERIA comes from Pocho Aztlan’s land and it starts with the right taste of traditional Aztec culture before giving the first smash, ÓRALE!. “No Aceptan Imitaciones” talks about how other people copy BRUJERIA’S songs, and of course, they can’t and are all sent to el infierno. This song offers a good dose of anger and remarks how this band is still is el número uno. “Profecia del Anticristo” starts with slow paced drums, but then the riff comes back and we’re warned that when the Antichrist comes, we better be prepared with our machetes because no one will take care of us in this spiritual battle.

“Angel de la Frontera” is mainly about the reality of many Mexicans crossing the border in dangerous conditions, but being so catholic, they start praying to the El Ángel to take care of themselves. “Plata o Plomo” are specific words that have been made famous by Colombian drug dealer, Pablo Escobar. It starts with news about drug cartels doing their thing, and then talks about how smugglers need to run the business and they’re also threatened to come back with el dinero or they’ll receive some balazos. BRUJERIA are los jefes at this point with their latest release.

“Satongo” is a song that’s very brutal about un hombre that is basically the mushroom-man. A satanic, part mushroom, part man, therefore Satongo, el amigo del Chupacabras. “Isla de la Frontera” is a short number that doesn’t drop the ball in the rhythm that the album has. It talks about a damned fantasy island where your dreams are your own life, but a plane is chasing them to slay them all. Los va a matar! “Mexico Campeon” is the traditional hardcore song, but it holds one of the dreams that México has: to win the fútbol copa. Everyone will scream “México Campeón!” And it will be a national day in history, full of cerveza and fiesta. “Culpan la Mujer” is about the traditional machismo in the Mexican culture, where the women are basically blamed for everything. The breakdown of this song is phenomenal for one that is shorter than the others.

“Codigos” goes back to a slower rhythm, and talks about the history of how some men could see the future and left hidden written codes to represent what they saw. Now the prophecy of el fin del mundo is becoming true, and the codes have the solution of our salvation, or la muerte will find us. After that, the stomping music starts and it follows the story excellently. “Debilador” is a really fun song where the band is throwing down a fiesta. The title is a mashup between the words rapist and a weakener. BRUJERIA wants to kick this man’s ass so that they can continue eating their carne asada. “California Uber Aztlan” is a good way to close the album, not too catchy for my taste, but still holding the brutality, ese. After 45 minutes of intense action, stories, español, killings and violence, BRUJERIA wrote some good material for anyone to throw some chingazos a la piñata.

Pocho Aztlan definitely surprised me. It’s an album that keeps changing vibes. The production was phenomenal and being myself a person whose native language is español, I actually had a lot of fun listening to the lyrics. It’s the very first time that I focused specifically on this, instead of the music while listening to an album. This stuff is bueno, MUY BUENO! La música is what bonds us, and that’s why you should pick up this album and enjoy. Hasta luego, cabrones! Órale!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Pocho Aztlan”, “No Aceptan Imitaciones”, “Satongo”, “Mexico Campeon”, “Debilador”, “Plata o Plomo”

RATING: 8.5/10


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