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HEAVEN SHALL BURN is back with a new album. During my long nights from my university days, I sat at my cheap desk looking for live performances from my favorite artists, and after listening to song after song one particular evening, I luckily bumped into one video that was titled “wall of death wacken metalcore” (or something like that). Two minutes of brutality guided by a group of five young guys who didn’t even seem to be 25 years of age. After scrolling down in the comments, my music library had a golden addition to it…HEAVEN SHALL BURN.

After checking them out for the first time, the curiosity took over me, and it resulted in me playing videos upon videos. Jamming to lyrics that I wasn’t even interested in knowing, listening to this melodic form of metal, this young German band seemed to have a lot of potential to influence the masses. I have so many memories of HEAVEN SHALL BURN, which is why I’m sitting down right here listening to their eighth album release Wanderer (out now, Century Media Records). I find it as a group of songs that I can play to disconnect myself from the good things and bad things of life, and just get stuck in my own world.

“Bring the War Home” talks about the people that are sent to war to protect their countries and families without realizing that the real protection they need is by their side. The melody that goes with the chorus worked perfectly for my afternoon walks to find peace. “Passage of the Crane” has a melodic introduction as well, with excellent work on acoustic guitars and a strong connection to the heavier stuff. If you’ve ever seen a recorded or live show from this band, you can tell that this should be a song that needs to be heard live.

“They Shall Not Pass” is an excellent title, the song is also very heavy, with lower tones and accompanied by short and sweet guitar harmonics. “Downshifter” was released as the first single off this album, with a longer introduction which builds suspense but you don’t need to wait as much to feel the amazing breakdown. If you’re a fan of fast guitar parts, don’t miss this one for a second! This song talks about escaping into the silence to not be dragged by the disorder that’s happening in this world.

“Prey to God” is a direct hit to the face. Check this song out carefully, it features CANNIBAL CORPSE’S George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher! HEAVEN SHALL BURN are certainly able to hold their performance up high and there’s no sign of letting down the expectations. “Save Me” prepares you to face anything that comes up. It talks about having the support from friends to get over problems, but the owners of our salvation are ourselves only. “Corium” is one of my favorite tracks, I played it for the first time one night when I was walking back home, and couldn’t ask for something better. This is not the traditional metal song, but it’s some good to stop and reflect about anything that worries you.

“A River of Crimson” has a small change of styles, moving from death metal to a…lighter death metal. “The Cry of Mankind” features one of my favorite things about album closers: a long, melodic piece of art that not only finishes on a high note, but also creates the process of closure diligently and lands smoothly. The transition between fiction (music) and reality (no music) is well-processed and there’s no depression because the disc has already finished.

There’s only one word to describe this album: SAVAGE. HEAVEN SHALL BURN is SAVAGE, their music is SAVAGE and their shows certainly seem SAVAGE. It’s very curious that the first time I ever heard about this band was just by doing random searches on YouTube, but these guys caught my attention like no other band has done before. I have to admit that I forgot them for a bit, but this record has definitely brought me back to one of the hardest times in my life, but only with the end of knowing that today I belong to a better place and I continue to aim for better things. Anyway, pick this album up and enjoy music just as much as I do.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Bring the War Home”, “Passage of the Crane”, “They Shall Not Pass”, “Downshifter”, “Prey to God”, “Corium”

RATING: 9/10


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