Airbourne: Breakin’ Outta Hell in NYC!! – The Gramercy Theatre 10/12/16

Australian Rockers AIRBOURNE recently released their fourth studio album Breakin’ Outta Hell via Spinefarm Records. It was during the summer when more information was revealed about said album along with the announcement of a North American tour, a relatively short run that kicked off just before the release and closed last week in Baltimore. Luckily, I managed to make it to their performance at The Gramercy Theatre (my new home away from home) on October 12 with acts THE WILD and MACH22 for support.


First up was an act who is no stranger to Amps And Green Screens, a local favorite from Philadelphia, MACH22. I was informed by Maestro that I must cover this band even though I was planning on doing so regardless. I must say, these guys can rock and they opened the night with the rock ‘n’ roll/classic hard rock edge. There were a mix of bluesy tunes, endless riffs and a continuous speed on the drums. Vocalist Lamont Caldwell was a true frontman as he had captivating stage presence throughout. The set included songs “I’m Just a Man,” “Go Ahead,” “Stuck In My Head,” “Backslider,” “Get Away,” “Like My Chances,” “Get Ready,” and “Don’t You Give Me.” They left the stage promising that a new EP would be released soon enough. I do hope these guys continue to hit NYC, they were well worth arriving early for.


The night moved from classic hard rock grooves to a rock ‘n’ roll tunes meets punk rock attitude with THE WILD! Hailing from British Columbia, I don’t think these guys stopped moving on the stage. While the music kept pouring out it appeared they had an endless adrenaline rush. The set kept the crowd moving as well and of course, ready for AIRBOURNE.


As fans continued to wait, it appeared as though it was only a ten minutes or so by the time they took the stage. The biggest surprise of the evening, well for me, was the introduction as they opened up with The Terminator theme song. I am a huge fan of these movies as well as the television series so it was pretty cool to unexpectedly hear that. The crowd shouted when the band walked onto the stage and as the theme song faded completely out “Ready to Rock” ripped in next. The Australian rockers held the old-school attitude along with enjoying the party as they continued with songs “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast,” and  “Chewin’ the Fat.”


Double guitar-riffing action sprang into gear during “Rivalry” as hard rock tunes such as “Girls in Black” continued. The evening got a bit interesting as Joel O’Keeffe managed to convince a few women in the audience to go on someone’s shoulders and to chug a beer. There were about three or five women that actually did this and it was quite comical to witness from afar. The next song, “Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women” moved in next which went well with the antic.


O’Keeffe continued to thank the audience as he asked the New York crowd if they have the new album. He mentioned that he did not care if they stole it or downloaded it as he just wanted people to hear the new tunes. He then moved into a rant about being an adult as he was sick of (just like everyone else) paying the bills and rent as, “You gotta turn the world off and turn rock ‘n’ roll on!” Fans cheered to this as they moved into “Breakin’ Outta Hell.” O’Keeffe asked if everyone was having a good time and the audience of course cheered as they tore into “No Way But the Hard Way” followed by closing number “Stand Up for Rock ‘n’ Roll.”


AIRBOURNE did return with an encore as they performed “Live It Up” and “Runnin’ Wild.” The evening was self explanatory as it was a night of rock ‘n’ roll, nothing more and nothing less. I do hope to see these guys again. In the meantime everyone should check out  Breakin’ Outta Hell.



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