Alestorm And Nekrogoblikon: Pirates And Goblins, Ahoy!!! – Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill – 10/27/16

nekrogoblikon-gmbg-dallas-tx-02Ahoy! A group of pirates sailed through the turbulent seas of the Atlantic Ocean to find a group of goblins and start an invasion of North America. This sounds like an interesting mix of creatures to see once the beautiful months of the fall land upon us. Me first time seeing ALESTORM and NEKROGOBLIKON and it had an amazing turnout. A&GS also took their swords and canons to Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill in Dallas, TX to be part of an epic battle of extraordinary species.

NEKROGOBLIKON gave us an unusual show that covers goblins, of course. This band is apparently classified as melodic death metal, but it has a fun twist that combines music and physical performances to equal a complete show.

nekrogoblikon-gmbg-dallas-tx-04Understandably, there are different opinions regarding them, but the people in Dallas seemed to have the best time during every second we had a goblin doing crazy things on stage.

After NEKROGOBLIKON showed Dallas just how goblins party, a highlight of the night was definitely when QUEEN’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” invaded everyone’s ears while the change of set was happening. The vibe was so positive and there was such energy that it looked like QUEEN were performing; by that I mean: headbanging, singing and even moshing. It was a great sign that things were going to be great for the next hour and a half.

After this moment, the real action was about to start, mates! ALESTORM had finally arrived to the dry lands of Dallas to play one of the most complete headlining shows I’ve seen. I personally wish that all the band members had outfits that represent pirates a little closer, but the crowd took good care of that.

alestorm-gmbg-dallas-tx-01After finding a great spot in the small venue, a bright light focused on a duck and there we have them! ALESTORM are on stage to introduce their show and lose no time with “Keelhauled”. Amazing song, with the right folk metal introduction. It’s complete material to be sold to ALESTORM’S art, savvy?

“Over the Seas” followed the show with zero seconds of break. It didn’t change the vibe completely, but the crowd turned crazier and happier for even more time. “Magnetic North” quickly escalated to be on my list of favorite songs of the night. Excellent headbanging material that brought unity from the crowd. “Shipwrecked” was introduced also as another heavy song that could almost bring us all to the battles of the sea.

alestorm-gmbg-dallas-tx-06“Nancy the Tavern Wench” calmed things down and even served as an interlude for everyone to drink their beer and get a refill while listening to this great melodic song. “Wolves of the Sea” turned out to be another awesome number from the band, one which brings out the pirate spirit and has the power of bringing up this fair enjoyment that everyone deserves on a show. “Walk the Plank” continued getting things hotter. I loved the song title and I think I’ll listen to this song every time I’d like to throw someone out to the sharks!

The band introduced a new song (that they’ve been playing during this tour) and it’s a badass piece. After they announced their newest song, “Mexico”, I was completely sold on them, and I honestly can’t wait for the new album to come out with this song on it!

alestorm-gmbg-dallas-tx-05Things were going perfectly. I must admit that Christopher Bowes (keyboards, lead vocals) has some serious talent. I’d like to recognize the man for being the true definition of a frontman and for making my shitty day a better one. This guy has the power of making people laugh, sing, jump, scream and who knows what else. I have never seen such a face of a relatively small band to click the way he did with his crowd. Congrats to Christopher and all his band mates for doing what they do! The show’s not over here… Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

My favorite song from ALESTORM finally arrived! “Drink” made it clear that these pirates are only here to steal our local beer and get as far as they can with it. After an extremely short break, all the band members came back to finish us up with the encore.

alestorm-gmbg-dallas-tx-02“1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)” was so exciting that it looked like the venue was going to detach from the small lake and sail away from the city. Another highlight of the night came right away when “Hangover” (TAIO CRUZ cover) was played live. This is such a perfect song for a pirate-themed band like ALESTORM: drink, keep drinking, fight, drink again, and have a gruesome hangover…makes sense.

The last couple of songs included “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” and “Rum”. It’s impossible to describe how much fun and how willing we are to receive ALESTORM back in the near future with their party. This was a perfect start for Halloween, and a memorable show that turned a gray day into one with ducks and colors all over it. Yo Ho Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me.



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