Wild Souls – Game Of Love


WILD SOULS are the very definition of a throwback band. They play Melodic Hard Rock straight out of the 1980’s and that is A-OK with me. Their music is a reminder of a much happier, simpler time in my life, and probably the lives of a lot of other rock and metalheads around my age. It was a time when all we cared about was what was happening on Friday night and where was the best spot to go make out with our girlfriends/boyfriends. And look at that album cover, huh? If you were 15 years old like I was back in ‘88, you probably would have plunked down your $10 for this album before hearing a single note, much like I would have! Game of Love is out now on Lions Pride Music.

As far as the songs go, it’s pretty straightforward. “Dirty Mind” has the sexy swagger going for it, while “Shame On You” has arguably the best hook on the whole thing. Vocalist George Nikolaou knows how to deliver his words with feeling, that’s for sure, especially here. Title track and opener “Game of Love” is just the type of fast-paced start you want on an album like this. It pulls you in and makes you want to hear more, so job well done there. “Pretty Babe” is pure sex-on-a-stick while “Riding” shows guitarist Kostis Tsiligiris flexing his muscles and going off during his solo. Meanwhile “Rock My World” is one of those songs that makes you wanna hop in the Camaro/Firebird/Trans Am and floor it down the highway doing 103.

“Moonlight” is a tricky number in that it starts one way then veers off in a different direction. Don’t worry, it doesn’t go all prog or anything; I was just caught off-guard by their trickery. Things stop at the two-thirds mark before building to a tremendous solo. Now…obviously you can’t have an 80’s-inspired rock record without the obligatory ballad, right? Well, “One More Night” is happy to oblige you there. With a very nice piano line and really great guitar solo work it certainly fits the bill. My only gripe would be that it’s about a minute too long. But that’s really a minor complaint, as it’s still a good song.

Closer “I Need Your Love” is good, but not as good as the other tracks. There’s just nothing to make it stand out from the pack. But hey, you can’t go in expecting them all to be winners. Overall though, this is a very, very solid record from a band determined to pick up the torch from one of the greatest eras in music and run with it. WILD SOULS is a great band, and Game of Love is a great album. You will definitely find yourself humming along, tapping your toes, and playing air guitar in all the right places, while smiling at some of the memories I’m sure it will bring back for you. So grab your copy today and rock out like it’s 1988!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Shame On You”, “Dirty Mind”, “Game of Love”, “Pretty Babe”

RATING: 8.5/10

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