Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Deap Vally, and Death From Above 1979 at House of Blues Dallas!!


House of Blues Dallas was the scene of quite the show in Texas recently. BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB, DEAP VALLY, and DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 all teamed up to create an unforgettable lineup and show. Even though it was the middle of the week, the venue was pretty well packed, as people really started coming in just before BRMC took the stage.


DEAP VALLY opened the show up with their highly enthusiastic take on female rock and roll. With outfits reminiscent of the 80’s, and attitude and feminist messages fitting for today, they were certainly a sight to behold. They did quite well though, and impressed me with their crowd interaction and energy. You could tell that both band members loved what they were doing, and loved entertaining on stage. To me that’s one of the most important elements that a band (or in this case, a duo) can have. These ladies pulled it off quite well and I look forward to hopefully seeing them in the future.


DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 was absolutely incredible. I hadn’t really listened to them much before the show, but watching them live made me get into them. If you’re a fan of prominent bass lines in songs, or just want to watch an incredible live show, this is the band for you. Their lights were perfectly timed to their set, and you could tell that although they’ve been around for awhile (since 2001), they still love what they do and they excel at it.


Finally, BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB took their headlining spot on the stage. They nailed a certain, mildly pretentious devil-may-care attitude for their stage presence. They appeared that they had played this set many times before, and that they knew how good they were. Their egos seemed to match how big and laid back their sound was. While it was not my cup of tea, the crowd seemed to enjoy it immensely with most concert goers showing up around the time that they took the stage.



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