Ravencult – Force Of Profanation


Apparently these RAVENCULT guys from Greece have been around a while, huh? I love it when this happens, and by “this” I mean stumbling onto a band by accident, or in this case, when Metal Blade Records sent their just-released new album Force of Profanation my way. Truth be told I’ve had it a few weeks but just couldn’t give it a proper listen till this week. Falling into the Black/Thrash Metal category, these guys are raw, angry, and unpolished. And thank the Gods for that! Because their sound is definitely just what the doctor ordered during a week that I’ve been sick as a dog every day thus far.

Tracks like opener “Tormentor of Flesh” and “In Macabre Triumph” definitely got my motor runnin’, even if I couldn’t rage physically. I did in spirit, though. The Riff Brigade is in full march on these and just about every other song, and the vocals are simply vicious. These guys totally belong on tour with the likes of TOXIC HOLOCAUST and SKELETONWITCH if they haven’t been already because they bring that same level of intensity. “Beneath the Relics of Old” has a sweet little stop/start thing happening halfway through, and then “Merciless Reprisal” goes in for the quick kill, making it an instant standout for me.

One of the record’s coolest riffs can be found on “Into Depths”. That opening salvo just sounds so fucking badass in my headphones, you’ve no idea. “Doom Oracle” is a basher from start to finish, while “Altar of Impurity” is absolutely ferocious with some bang-bang drums happening amid the chaos. Closing the disc is “Temple of the Void” the longest track at 5:33 and it has a very big wall of sound coming at you. The screams are nasty, the riffs bloody, and the whole thing manages to sound different, yet cut from the same cloth as the other tunes. There’s definitely more of a beginning, middle, and end thing going on, making it almost epic-like.

Overall Force of Profanation is very good where it needs to be. I could say the same thing about RAVENCULT. Again, not being familiar with their older stuff, and judging this album on its own merit I rather enjoyed it. In addition to being heavy and pummeling where necessary, there’s also an air of “We don’t give a fuck, this is us. Deal with it!” that permeates the songs. And I like that…a lot. This is definitely a disc worth picking up if you’re in the mood to get some aggression out, whether that’s at the gym, or just breaking shit around the house.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Into Depths”, “Merciless Reprisal”, “Tormentor of Flesh”, “Temple of the Void”

RATING: 8.5/10

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