Lamb Of God – The Duke


LAMB OF GOD have never been a band to rest on their laurels. After 2015’s mega-hit album VII: Sturm Und Drang and a massively successful world tour, you’d think these guys would take a year off or so. You’d THINK that, but you’d be wrong. They’ve just released a new EP entitled The Duke via Epic Records, whose title track was written in honor of the band’s late friend and fan, Wayne Ford, who was named after “The Duke” John Wayne.

“A little while ago I became friends with a fan named Wayne Ford – he was terminal – leukemia. I talked with him often, even video chatted him into the studio. He was very calm about his impending death, and we discussed it very openly. I learned a lot from him. This song is for him,” dedicates vocalist Randy Blythe.

But it doesn’t end there. Another new song “Culling” absolutely burns, drummer Chris Adler wrecking shop, before three live tracks melt what’s left of your face and body off in a hurry. All of them are pulled from the 2015 record, and anyone who’s ever seen this band live knows just how much more intense the tunes are live than their studio counterparts. Which is not to say they don’t pack a punch on record, they certainly do. But there is something about LAMB OF GOD live that is pretty indescribable unless you’ve been there.

“Still Echoes”, “512”, and “Engage the Fear Machine” are proof positive that the band should put out another live DVD/CD posthaste. Not a lot of bands can convey the power and energy they possess live on a recording, but these guys make it look easy. I found myself going back to these concert tracks over and over during my workday because they’re the kind that will get you through an eight-hour shift with ease.

The band will also be offering certain items with all proceeds going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (WWW.LLS.ORG). You can find out more information HERE. So pick up your copy of The Duke today and rage the fuck out!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Culling”, “512”, “Engage the Fear Machine”


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