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A group of thrashing metal madmen from Figueres, Spain who call themselves VIOLBLAST just caught my attention by way of their full-length debut album Conflict (out now, Suspiria Records). I always have a soft spot in my cold, black heart for Thrash Metal when it’s done right, and believe you me, these boys do it right! The longest song clocks in at just over four and a half minutes, while the rest come in around three minutes and change. Either way, the band gets their point across without wasting any time. Also, the sound is especially warm and at times it’s hard to believe these guys haven’t been around for longer.

Santi Turk and Sebas Silvera have a twin guitar sound reminiscent of the early Bay Area Thrash days, especially during the solos. Check out “Invisible Death” and “Paths of Aggression” and you’ll see what I mean. “Reprisal” was a personal favorite with the way drummer Sergio Ruiz kicks it off and those chunky-style riffs come in behind him. Singer/bassist Andrés Perez channels his inner Tom Araya from SLAYER here, but truth be told I like the Perez’s voice a bit more. Title track “Conflict” also has a bit of that SLAYER influence, but that’s a good thing, and in no way a rip-off or anything like that.

The groove and pacing of “Signs of a Murder” and “Bearing Witness” make them both standouts because they pack plenty of punch without having to go 120 mph. Not like that’s a bad thing, mind you; it’s just a good way to break things up so it’s not all speed, speed, speed. “Wielders of Fear” however, kicks the door down like Vic Mackey’s Strike Team on The Shield. Closer “Individuality” throws everything at you: biting riffs, frenetic drumming, and classic thrash vocals in a delicious cocktail of the heavy stuff.

All told, I thoroughly enjoyed this debut from VIOLBLAST. I think the sky’s the limit for these kids, and the more people who hear Conflict, the more of them feel the same way I do, guaranteed. This group should be direct support on every single major Thrash Metal band’s tours when they roll through Europe because I have no doubt they’ll whip any and all crowds into a frenzy. If you’d like a taste of the good old days with songs that’ll get their hooks into you and not let go, then you need to go and pick this CD up today. You can buy it HERE, so…no excuses!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Reprisal”, “Signs of a Murder”, Wielders of Fear”, “Bearing Witness”

RATING: 9/10  

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