Scorched – Echoes Of Dismemberment


Delaware Death Metal band SCORCHED have just unearthed their debut opus Echoes of Dismemberment, out now via Unspeakable Axe Records. Their music is steeped in the gore of horror flicks and filled with visions of “a bloodthirsty madman with a rusty hunting knife, and you are now his prey.” That last bit is from the press release that came with the record, and it’s pretty accurate. This is Old School Death Metal at its filthiest, oozing along like a bloodthirsty creature with row upon row of razor sharp teeth ready to tear into flesh and grind bones to powder. There are even some minute-and-change interludes that have the eerie, synth-heavy sound of 80’s horror flicks that give the disc added ambience.

After intro “To the Chamber” the splatterfest begins in earnest with “Torture Prolonged”. Matt Kapa growls like a monster, and the guitars of Nick Carucci and Steve Fuchs chug along in an almost doom-like tempo. “Craving Human Remnants” is a bit more chaotic and is reminiscent of AUTOPSY in places, a band that’s clearly a big influence on these guys, and not in a bad way. “Dealings of a Gruesome Kind” puts another coin in the death-riff machine while “Rot In Confinement” moves forward with all the subtlety of an armored tank division. In the mid-section, the blast beats from drummer Matt Izzi, Andrew Benenati’s bowel-shaking bass, and some crazy guitar solo made my ears prick up real quick, and this quickly became an album favorite.

The title track is like an axe that splits the head and with each punch you’ll be spitting out teeth like sunflower seeds. The song “Scorched” is another fiery number that maintains the overall grindhouse feel of the album. It’s dirty, it’s messy, and covers you in muck. Closer “Fluorescent Hell” sounds like it could have been the title of my bedroom when I was a teenager if anyone had shone a UV light in there, but this tune is all business and ready to carve you up like the Thanksgiving turkey many of you just ate last week. Really the only track I wasn’t hot on was “Autopsy Incomplete,” but that’s a minor blemish on an otherwise very solid debut offering.

SCORCHED is definitely going places, and Echoes of Dismemberment is an album that shows these guys wearing their influences on their sleeves without devolving into rip-off or (gasp!) tribute band territory. And yeah, once in a while things tend to get a little repetitive, but that still doesn’t take away from a good batch of songs. The production is also rock-solid as well. It’s natural, big, beefy, and as warm as the blood that jets forth from an eyeball after it’s been punctured. If bludgeoning, pummeling, horror-themed OSDM is what you’re looking for, then you’ll truly dig this band. The record is available for purchase HERE.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Rot In Confinement”, “Craving Human Remnants”, “Scorched”, “Dealings of a Gruesome Kind”

RATING: 8.5/10

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