Feral – From The Mortuary


FERAL hails from Sweden and they play an aggressive brand of Death Metal that is simply “take no prisoners” combined with “fuck everything up in sight.” It is absolutely ridiculous how fierce this band plays and their new EP From the Mortuary (out now, Cyclone Empire) totally shows that. With four new songs, one re-recorded version of an old number, and a better-than-the-original version of PENTAGRAM’S “Relentless” this is a stellar offering that provides 24 minutes of bang-your-head fucking greatness.

“The Hand of the Devil” gets this party started the right way with killer fucking riffs and dirty, nasty, grimy vocals. For someone like me who’s never listened to this group before, it’s a perfect introduction. “Reborn In the Morgue” amps things up considerably, the whole band looking to kill something with each and every guitar riff, drum hit, bass note, and vocal growl. It’s just awesome! “The Cult of the Head” starts out a little different before going full-on head smash and then “The Rite” brings the guillotine down, chopping off the heads of anyone who gets in the way.

I never heard the original version of “Necrofilthiac” before, but this one is fit as fuck, so I’m all about it. And then, just for kicks, there’s that cover of “Relentless” I mentioned that absolutely, completely, and totally destroys the original. I must have listened to it six or seven times in a row at work the other day. It’s just so goddamned awesome and makes me want to kill everyone and everything.

At the end of the day FERAL have put out one nasty motherfucker of an EP that should get any and every extreme metalhead with a pulse up and moving. If it inspires you to break shit, headbang, or light your neighbors on fire, then the band has done their job. I fucking loved all 24 minutes of this record, and I think many of you will too. Do yourself a favor and check out From the Mortuary, and be sure to go batshit crazy when you do!!



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