Mega Colossus – HyperGlaive


This past year may have been a bit of a rollercoaster for the world in general, but as far as music goes, it’s been fantastic – there has been no dearth of outstanding releases across the whole spectrum of metal. What better way for me to wind up a rather prolific year of album and live show reviews than with one of the best US power metal releases of not just this year, but in recent history?

MEGA COLOSSUS is back with their new disc HyperGlaive (self-released, December 13) and it’s a thing of beauty! I first became aware of the band earlier this year when we featured them on my USPM compilation A Flame In the Dark, and their contribution to the disc, “Sunsword”, quickly became one of my favorites; fortunately, this excellent track was merely a precursor to an amazing album. Soaring vocals, riffs galore, and a ton of shreddy, face melting solos all come together in a solid package that’s rightfully earned a spot in my AOTY rankings.

Sean Buchanan’s vocals are beautiful – he has a ton of power in his voice, and can go from a deeper timbre to a scream and back again without any problem. The rhythm section is solid and extremely talented – Ry Eshelman (bass) and Doza (drums) drive the songs with intensity and really provide the perfect foundation on every track. The guitar work is the centerpiece of the album for me – Bill Fischer and Stephen Cline absolutely crush it on every single track with some amazing riffs and every solo is killer. All of the members of the band clearly take their craft seriously and work together as one seamless whole.

This isn’t just standard power metal fare; the band mixes in a lot of influences from the classic era of heavy metal and pay homage to some of the greats without any real hints of hero worship. As a result, they’ve created a great sound that will appeal to music lovers from across the whole spectrum of metal. The recording is very well done and the mastering (Jamie King) are top notch, and the result is sonically beautiful. If you love great US power metal, this needs to be on your must have list. There’s not a weak track on the disc, and you won’t be disappointed. Pick it up immediately.


RATING: 9.6/10


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