PHOTO GALLERY: Bad Seed Rising and I Prevail Live at The Chameleon Club!! – Lancaster, PA 12/10/16

BAD SEED RISING and I PREVAIL are two of the hottest young bands in rock right now. So when they came crashing into The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA it was only right that A&GS be there to get some killer photos. Big thanks to contributor Cody Strubel from Rock Documented for catching all the action as The Maestro was personally unable to attend. Enjoy the live shots and be sure to head over to Rock Documented for great coverage of a ton of shows!! (P.S. a special THANK YOU to my friend Bobby who picked up BAD SEED RISING’S incredible new album Awake In Color, and to everyone in the band because they signed it for Mini-Amps!!) 














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