Talking Transit Blues With The Devil Wears Prada’s Jeremy DePoyster

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA have a new album out via Rise Records called Transit Blues and have just announced that they’ll be touring as direct support on the 2017 Kill Thrax Tour featuring, you guessed it, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and ANTHRAX on a co-headlining run. The staffers here at A&GS HQ have been enjoying the new record for a couple of months now. Shortly before the tour news broke I had a chance to sit and chat about the new music and several other things with Jeremy DePoyster (rhythm guitar/vocals). Take a look:

Amps: I have to be honest. Even though I like this new album I resisted listening to your music for so long because I hated, HATED your band’s name. But I am rapidly approaching my “Get off my lawn!!” years, so…

Jeremy: (Laughs hard) it’s not a good name, is it?? It’s like one of those things where everyone thinks back to studpid stuff they did when they were 18 and they’re like, “Man, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with consequences of any of that stuff.” But in this case, we’re stuck with it forever!

Amps: Tell me about what was going on prior to the record coming out.

Jeremy: We’ve had a new guitar player (Kyle Sipress) for a couple of years now. Our old guitar player Chris (Rubey) left because he had a family and a baby so he went to work at our label Rise Records. Kyle wrote everything with us on last year’s Space EP so we had that chemistry going and then our drummer left during the making of this album. So, the new guy Giuseppe Capolupo came in and shredded it. Our producer Dan Korneff was all over it, and it’s freakin’ awesome.

Amps: Now that the record is out, what are your plans for touring?

Jeremy: we’ve actually been on what is the longest break in the history of the band. We finished the record in May and now we’re going back out again. We’re getting all our lights and production ready. I’m actually driving out to Kyle’s house for some rehearsal tomorrow, so should be a good time. We’re doing a co-headliner with MEMPHIS MAY FIRE; they’re on our label too, so it’s kind of a family thing. SILVERSTEIN is on that, too. Then we head to Europe with those same guys right after so we’re pumped about that. And then a bunch of stuff is happening that I can’t talk about yet for 2017(PSSSST…This would be the tour I mentioned in the opening paragraph  ~MAESTRO). This is very much the end of our little break and time for us to do what we actually do, which is play shows. It’ll be awesome!

Amps: You’re very well-known as a live band who kicks ass in their shows. Do you pride yourselves on that label?

Jeremy: Oh yeah. If you’re in a band you have to play shows, that’s just the nature of it. And I know everybody does take it seriously, and that’s fine. But it just seems that ever since the beginning and I joined this band the mentality has been, “We WILL be good at our live shows, and we WILL take it seriously. We work hard, but we have fun up there. Doing it the last ten years you take it real seriously. If people are gonna come pay to watch us play then we have to give them a good one, you know?

Amps: What do you do outside of the band for fun?

Jeremy: I actually like to work on video stuff. I’ve been working on some video content with Andy (Trick, bass) for the band. I like to carry video cameras with me, and shoot stuff, then cut it together. And then I’m working on music all the time, even if it’s not related to the band, because I’m addicted to it. And football! I’m a die-hard Cincinnati Bengals fan. I feel bad for my father and my father-in-law who have been die-hard fans for life, that we just can’t get it done.

Amps: Well, at least most years Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are Fantasy GOLD, right?

Jeremy: Oh hell yeah!

Amps: What’s in your CD player or iPod?

Jeremy: Oh man, all kinds of stuff. I really like metal, obviously. I hate it when people in bands go, “Oh, I’m really over metal these days.” Oh what, it’s not good enough now, even though you’re playing it? Shut up! Obviously, everybody loves SLAYER, how can you not? I’m also digging what I’ve heard from the new METALLICA album. And I’m super-into atmospheric music like this guy TYCHO.

Amps: I have to say, you guys really made a fan of me with Transit Blues, and that’s no bullshit, I’m serious.

Jeremy: Well, thank you man. That’s encouraging to hear. It’s one thing to hear someone say, “Oh, I’ve been a fan of your band for years,” which is cool. I mean, we’re not especially proud of some of the stuff we did when we were kids. It’s fun that people can relate to it, but come on now. But, it’s really freakin’ awesome to hear that what you’re working on NOW is inspiring to people and gains you new fans. Isn’t that why you create anything, whether it’s music or writing a play? You do it because you hope somebody gets something out of it. So that’s awesome to hear.

Amps: What’s the writing breakdown in the group?

Jeremy: It’s kind of a combination of writing demos and getting together in a room as well as sending each other files. We all have parts and ideas, three guys might work together on one song, two guys might work together on another, etc. That kind of thing has been happening even more across the board. If you listen to this album there are songs that maybe only two people had a hand in and others that everybody worked on. It really just depends on the song, and I like it that way. I’m a really big fan of THE BEATLES, LED ZEPPELIN, and PINK FLOYD. And if it was good enough for some of the best ever to do it that way it’s good enough for us. You can hear those different influences in different periods of those bands’ music.

Amps: When it’s all said and done what would you like people to take away from this record?

Jeremy: I hope they get a musical journey. It’s such a single-driven world now, and I get that. But I think part of what makes rock music awesome is that we make albums that are supposed to be experiences. I hope people take it, put it in their car, listen to the vinyl, throw on the headphones, and listen to it one time through, like it’s intended to be, and hopefully get something from it. And then come to a show and watch us do our best to play the songs.

Amps: What do you want to say to all THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA fans out there?

Jeremy: We TRULY appreciate the fact that anyone still cares about this. When we started we had no goals or intentions. It was just supposed to be fun and playing music. And now it’s been my life for 11 years, and it’s freakin’ AWESOME, and the best thing ever. The shows, the energy, the excitement from people online has been amazing. So really, a sincere THANK YOU to everyone.

Jeremy DePoyster is such a laid-back and fun guy, I can’t wait to talk to him again. Like I said earlier, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA made a believer out of me with Transit Blues. And I’m truly happy and excited for them getting this ANTHRAX/KILLSWITCH ENGAGE tour for next year. You best believe I’m showing up early for TDWP’S set in Philly on April 5, and I suggest you do too in all your respective cities.

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