Charetta, Bound By Substance, Jackson James, and Streepthroat Rock The Gramercy Theatre!! NYC – 1/13/17

New York, New York…the city that never sleeps and holds endless metal supporters including the expansion of bands across all five boroughs. Luckily, The Gramercy Theatre generously opens their doors, welcoming and supporting local acts who headline their own shows. A night to become the main act, feeling like rockstars on their own headlining tour. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does there’s a decent crowd and Friday January 13, was no different. Queens rockers BOUND BY SUBSTANCE headlined a two hour set and brought CHARETTA, JACKSON JAMES, and STREEPTHROAT along for the ride.

The evening kicked off with Brooklyn punk rockers STREEPTHROAT, pumping up the crowd. Their name generated from a comparison with Meryl Streep and Deep Throat meaning,“to perform an exceptional act of fellatio; worthy of an Oscar award.” With that emphasis, they did their best to deliver that night. Moving to a more bluesy direction, JACKSON JAMES embarked the platform carrying out great acoustics and powerhouse vocals during songs such as “Tell me Now.”

Despite BOUND BY SUBSTANCE headlining, the attention was glued to the return of alternative rockers CHARETTA. It was exactly two years since the lovable local act performed a live gig, which was at the Gramercy Theatre in 2014 supporting FLYLEAF. Members Rich Mollo, Angelina DelCarmen, Pablo LaFrossia, Chris Fullam, and Adonis Sanchez were ready to hit that stage for a triumphant return but first, they had a surprise for the decent sized crowd. The group premiered their new video for “We Will Survive,” co-directed by Angelina and David Uscinski.

Shortly after the horror-induced video, the band walked onto the platform, delivering tunes spanning the history of their career including “The Apocalypse is Here,” “Not Made of Stone,” and “I’m Not Your Bitch.” CHARETTA was resurrected, and the crowd enjoyed every moment with their enthusiastic delivery. Mollo was exceptional that night as the chemistry between him and Angelina’s radiant stage presence were on point. Additionally, guitarists La Frossia and Fullam executed killer riffs that most likely were the best in the band’s entire career making this lineup currently unbeatable. Lastly, Angelina brought the music video to life on the platform and went into “We Will Survive” to close out their set. It was a tight performance and great to see them back in action. Hopefully, it won’t be another two years before they return and we will see much more CHARETTA!

The night closed with BOUND BY SUBSTANCE, providing an epic two hour set. Their energy was a terrific follow up from the prior CHARETTA, bringing progressive keyboard enhancements mixed into the night of rock and roll. All in all, The Gramercy Theatre opened their doors to four promising acts. We should keep an eye out for more events from all of them.


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