Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo On Bringer of Pain, Touring The U.S., And More!!

BATTLE BEAST singer Noora Louhimo called in to A&GS HQ recently. While I had her on the line we talked about new album Bringer of Pain (February 17 via Nuclear Blast Records), and the upcoming tour with SABATON and LEAVES’ EYES. This was our second time chatting and as usual it was fun, and her excitement is contagious. Check it:

Amps: So as we speak my son Mini-Amps is rocking out to your new record Bringer of Pain on his kickass wireless headphones.

Noora: YAY! I’m so happy to hear that. Say hello from me to him!

Amps: I sure will. This new album is very good. It sounds like you really captured the best elements of heavy and light this time around.

Noora: I think that too. I was happily surprised with how this one turned out. Instead of one primary songwriter, this time it was the whole band. When you have five or six people doing that it can be messed up, but fortunately we all got together and did it well. Of course, some people wrote less this time around like me. I only did the “Bringer of Pain” melody and lyrics and Joona Björkroth (guitar) and our keyboard player Janne Björkroth wrote seven out of thirteen songs. But we all gave something to the record and everyone got to have a say if something wasn’t pleasing to them. This was really challenging and we had a lot of pressure on us, but i think we managed it really well.

Amps: It seems like Joona stepped in and fits like a glove.

Noora: He does. He’s actually Janne’s little brother. He has always been a friend of the band and has been following us all the way. It wasn’t totally natural, the decision to take him on because we had another guitar player who was helping us in 2015 on shows. We were considering whether or not to take someone from outside the band but we wound up asking Joona. He actually tried his hand a t writing music for BATTLE BEAST before we were even considering him for the band. He showed a lot of devotion and he is a great guy and I’ve become really good friends with him. Our chemistry is really good with him, in work and friendship-wise.

Amps: Now…let us talk about the TOUR!! You are starting it here in Philly on April 20. My town. And I will be there opening night! 

Noora: It’s so awesome and I’m so excited to get there. I have never been to the States, so it’s gonna be a great adventure full of new experiences. I’m so happy to see all the people who have been expecting us for years. I can’t wait to meet all the people and KICK SOME ASS!!

Amps: You’ve got to try a Philly Cheesesteak when you’re here.

Noora: What is that? (Amps explains) Wow, that sounds like a very heavy metal kind of food!

Amps: When you found out you booked this tour what did you do? Did you scream, go nuts, what?

Noora: I didn’t scream because I’m gonna save that for the stage (laughs). But I was like, “Is this real? Is this for sure?” I was really excited because we know there are people that have been waiting for us to come to the U.S. Now all the hard work is gonna be rewarded.

Amps: Are there any particular songs on Bringer of Pain that stand out to you or do you love them all equally?

Noora: I love them all, but favorites, it depends on my mood. Some days it’s “Bringer of Pain”, some days it’s “Beyond the Burning Skies” or “Bastard Son of Odin”. They all represent the best parts of BATTLE BEAST. It’s great that we can have this true heavy metal sound, but still go lighter when we want to.

Amps: The “Familiar Hell” video is great, by the way. So is the song.

Noora: Thank you, thank you. We really wanted to put some extra effort into the music videos this time. There will be another one coming soon. I really like to do videos that have a story, and not just us playing.

Amps: What do you hope the listener takes away from Bringer of Pain when they finish it?

Noora: I hope they are full of excitement. And that they are feeling like they can do anything. I think on our new album you can hear the freedom we have creatively in every aspect. We can do heavy metal, or disco metal, or whatever, but still we have this BATTLE BEAST signature sound. Everything just flows together.

Amps: What do you want to say to all the BATTLE BEAST fans worldwide?

Noora: I want to say thank you so much for all your support. We love you for that and we just can’t wait to go on tour and meet you all. And get the new album, GODDAMMIT (laughs)!! We need you to sing along!! There will be a lot of me screaming and telling people to bang their heads.

So there you have it. Noora Louhimo is so cool and friendly. Plus, she took a moment to shout-out Mini-Amps, which is always welcomed here. Pick up Bringer of Pain when it comes out February 17 and be sure to catch BATTLE BEAST on tour. Dates and tickets can be found HERE.

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