Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry

Alright guys, I hope you like crossover thrash, cause boy do I have something for you! It’s IRON REAGAN’S new full length album, titled Crossover Ministry, and hot DAMN does it get me going! This thing will tear you to pieces! IRON REAGAN is a crossover thrash metal band featuring MUNICIPAL WASTE vocalist Tony Foresta on the mic. The band is really starting to improve on their sound and their songwriting, it’s awesome. Even though eighteen tracks is too damn many, I’m gonna give you guys a good overview of this release. It is an album that has definitely piqued my curiousity, and it will yours too.

The band immediately starts shredding on the intro track “Dying World.” This one’s a banger through and through and goes into “You Never Learn,” a groovy one, but heavy as hell as expected. It then goes into the song “Grim business.” This one is real chorus-y, everyone is contributing a ton of vocals on it. Definitely a top track. This leads into one of my favorites, “Dead with my Friends.” It starts out with an eerie piano intro, then a guitar accompanying the same melody. It eventually speeds up and gets freakin’ heavy. It’ll have you singing “I wanna be dead with my friends!” back and forth. “No Sell” starts with a heavy riff and everyone screams “NO SELL NO SELL!!” with it.That then goes into “Condition Evolution” which is a little more death metal oriented in style.

This next track is definitely my personal favorite, it’s titled “Fuck the Neighbors.” It starts off with a clip of the neighbors asking when the party’s over, and naturally the band responds with a pissed off anthem. “Fuck the neighbors!” will be stuck in your head all day. The title track “Crossover Ministry” is slower, but it is again really groovy. “More War” is a catchy steady paced song and you really get to understand what they’re about in this one.

“Bleed the Fifth” is a little less aggressive, but it still rocks. The playing is what really caught my eye. The next track “Megachurch” starts off a little awkwardly with the vocalist singing in a high pitch, almost like a child, but it adds a cool effect to the meaning. “Dogsnotgods” has bass riffs that really stick out in the melody, which I can really appreciate. Outro “Twist your Fate” is one of the longer tracks, and is more complex than the others. The guitar work here is really cool, and it’s a bit different than the other songs in writing style.

Overall Crossover Ministry is a very solid effort out of IRON REAGAN and it may even be better than the previous release. If you are a fan of crossover in any way shape or form, then pick up a copy on February 3 through Relapse Records. It is definitely a memorable one!.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Fuck the Neighbors”, “Dead With My Friends”

RATING: 8/10


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