The Nearly Deads – Revenge! Of The Nearly Deads

So I recently discovered THE NEARLY DEADS and I have to say I am beyond impressed with this band. Now, I had nothing to go on other than their new EP Revenge! of the Nearly Deads (self-released, February 17) but if these six songs are any kind of indication as to what they’re about then you can just sign me up right now. Singer Theresa Jeane has that just-right blend of sheer vocal talent and take-no shit attitude that helps drive these tunes. I can definitely hear the band’s influences, but they are completely their own entity and not ripping anyone off in the slightest.

As soon as the foot-stompin’ guitar/bass drum start of “Diamond In the Rough” hit my ears I was in aural heaven and when the rest of the band kicked in that only cemented my feeling. Steven Kobi and Javier Garza Jr. do a brilliant job of finding that sweet spot where they keep the songs heavy, but totally accessible at the same time, and the rhythm section of Kevin Koelsch (bass) and Josh Perrone (drums) hold down the fort admirably. “My Evil Ways” shifts between fast-paced rocker and sexy swagger with relative ease, while “Not Listening” boasts one of the record’s most anthemic hooks.

“Revenge” and “Frequencies” have a little bit more electronics behind the guitar-driven main melody, which serves to only enhance the overall feel of them. And closer “As Good As It Gets” is nothing short of breathtaking. A gorgeous piano song that is the vehicle for Jeane’s stunning voice, this is one where words really can’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to listen for yourselves. All in all THE NEARLY DEADS have dropped one stone cold stunner of an EP with this one and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell all of you to go get it when it comes out in a few days. Because I’m convinced you’ll be blasting it on REPEAT for days, weeks, and months on end!



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