In Death… – The Devil Speaks

Hailing from Australia, five-piece Death Metal monsters IN DEATH… are ready to drop their debut album The Devil Speaks on your fucking head like an anvil falling from the tenth floor. Honing their craft since 2008, the tightness of the band is evident right from the start. Combining extreme aggression with technical prowess and an endless array of grooves, this stuff is raw meat for the beast. Across eight tracks the group never once lets up on the pressure or brutality, making for one of the more enjoyable listens of this very young 2017.

Opener “Malignancy Eradicated” and “The Pitfalls of Immortality” showcase two sides of the same Death Metal coin. The former goes all in after a sinister intro while the latter at first had me thinking we were in for a Death Metal cover of CHEAP TRICK’S “Surrender” with those first few chords. Of course that all changed once I heard vocalist Krugga, who has enough brutal vocals to cover all the Australian territories it would seem. “Bow to Your Master” employs one of my favorite things in extreme metal: Hit ‘em with everything ya got and then dare them to get back up! Then knock ‘em down again for being stupid!

“Every Burial” has one of the meatiest and nastiest riffs on the disc and the whole band finds a way to go nuts while keeping it all under control. It’s tantamount to putting a leash on a tornado. In other words, you may never hear anything like it again. Much like the creature it’s named after “Godzilla” looms large and with every step it leaves a crater in its wake. “Fuck Your Kind” trots along at a mid-tempo pace for awhile with the trio of Brian Page (Axe), Rah Rah (Shred), and Danika Ruohonen (Bass Abuse) stuck together like hot roofing tar, while K.G’s (Skin Punishment) sticks go for some changes hither and yon, keeping listeners on their toes throughout.

Title track “The Devil Speaks” is basically a heavy instrumental with Al Pacino’s famous speech from the 1997 film Devil’s Advocate playing over the music. Even though the movie as a whole didn’t exactly blow me away, there’s no denying that monologue. Musically however, the track slays as hard as the others do. It’s almost like Death Metal RUSH at times! Closing things out is “King of the Deadpool”, where the band gets us all revved up one final time and gets ready to throw bodies through plate glass windows.

All in all I fucking love The Devil Speaks, and I love IN DEATH… . This is going to be one of my favorite extreme metal records of the year, I can just feel it. If you want punishing, head-crushing songs that also have elements of the technical and progressive side of things then this is the band for you. The bar has been set at a new high for Death Metal from Australia, and this group has thrown down the gauntlet with authority.


RATING: 9.5/10

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