Carnal Decay – You Owe You Pay

So this record came outta nowhere and hit me like a ton o’bricks!! Oh, sorry. The record in question is You Owe You Pay, (out now, Rising Nemesis Records) the fourth full-length release from Switzerland-based Death Metal band CARNAL DECAY, and man I gotta tell ya, this one is a motherfucker. I mean, this band isn’t just content to hit you over the head, oh no. They want to crack your fucking skull open and feast on your brains. This is evident as soon as opener “No Sequel” kicks off this bloodbath. Guitarist Isa’s riffs are the sonic equivalent of being stabbed repeatedly by Michael Myers, drummer Markus blast beats your head off your shoulders, Nassar on bass continually thumps you again and again, and vocalist Michael growls like it’s the end of the world and he’s gonna claim as many victims as he can tonight.

“Until You Die” is one of the record’s best tracks 10 seconds in because it’s like a goddamn tornado just ripping shit apart, and “Decimating the Living” just picks that ball up and runs with it. Jeeeezus, we’re only three songs in and I feel like I’ve been beaten senseless by Russell Crowe’s gang in Romper Stomper! Seriously, this album is like going out and doing a ton of shots, then waking up the next morning with the mother of all headaches/hangovers. These songs will beat the living shit out of you, I can’t stress that enough. “Show Your Fucking Face”, another standout, sounds like a machine gun on full auto, while “Murder a la Carte” goes back and forth between blasts and groove.

“Not Worth a Bullet” and “Your Guts My Glory” are almost like two sides of the same coin in that they employ similar, but vastly different techniques on both. The extreme gutturals on the latter are a perfect example of this, while the former is simply concerned with wrecking shop. “Freed From the Leash”, “I Crush Your Dreams”, and “Trick Or Treat” make up the jab/cross/uppercut/ combo that closes this beast of an album out and leaves you broken, bleeding, and confused when it’s over. But that’s okay. Just dust yourself off, limp back over to your stereo and hit PLAY again. When it’s all said and done CARNAL DECAY have given us one MOTHERFUCKING MONSTER of a Death Metal record with You Owe You Pay, and anyone who doesn’t agree is a goddamn liar!!


RATING: 9.5/10

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