Death Angel, Winds Of Plague, and The Agonist Live At Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill!! – Dallas, TX 2/23/17

As a native Texan, you learn to embrace the mood swings of Mother Nature. The outdoor venue of Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill was the perfect place to be Thursday night, a balmy 80 degrees and not a single snowflake to be found south of the Red River. DEATH ANGEL, WINDS OF PLAGUE and THE AGONIST blasted through Dallas, TX on their North American tour, leaving bikers, cowboys and metalheads alike happy to be out and about on a weeknight.

THE AGONIST(Canada) hit the stage like a ball of energy. Vicky Psarakis, vocalist for the band, was absolutely stunning and impressive to watch as she worked the stage, engaging the crowd during each song.  For me, the standout performance was during “The Anchor and the Sail”.There’s few women that can growl well live, much less do a half decent job of clean vocals throughout their entire set. If you want to be impressed with a female fronted band with heavy riffs and melodies, THE AGONIST is a good place to start.

WINDS OF PLAGUE (California) had a bit of keyboard technical difficulty before they got started, but pushed through and put on an impressive show. Their 30-minute set was really too short in my opinion. It seemed like I was just grabbing a beer and finally able to relax/take in the show from a distance after wading through the moshing throng of people, then they were done. I know it was a weeknight, but I’ll be impatiently waiting for their next tour stop through Dallas on a weekend when I can sit back and really enjoy what this band has to offer.

Anytime I hear the words “thrash metal”, I usually walk the other way. After seeing DEATH ANGEL (California) live, I have no reservations announcing my allegiance.  As a live band, these guys put all their younger counterparts to shame. You want to know how to jump off monitors and drum risers? Talk to these guys. You want to interact with a crowd and not only demand but receive a circle pit in the first three songs? Youngsters need to start taking notes. It might be hard under the flashing lights and with elbows in your face, but you might actually learn something.

The tour continues through March 5, so if you get a chance to see this group of great bands on their way through your town, you won’t leave disappointed. And you may even find out you’ll make more open minded music choices in your future, although maybe that’s just me.


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