Night Ranger – Don’t Let Up

When it comes to NIGHT RANGER you always know what you’re in for, and that’s a good time. Year after year, album after album, and tour after tour, they continue to put out rock anthems designed to be played loud, whether in the car or at a backyard barbecue. And this new record Don’t Let Up is proof positive that they ain’t stopping anytime soon. Hot on the heels of last year’s live album, the boys have served up a healthy slice of feel-good, anthemic rock just in time for spring. But looking ahead to summer, this is an album I see myself grilling on my deck to for sure.

“Somehow Someway” is yet another in a long list of kickass album openers from this band. Brad Gillis and Keri Kelli rip it up on guitar, and the hook is big as life with balls for days. Go ahead and try to get this song out of your head after one listen, I dare you. “Running Out of Time” has a classic rock feel to it but with a modern twist, and the riff is NOICE! Things get deep for “Truth” and lyrically it’s dark. “Day and Night” sees bassist/singer Jack Blades and drummer/singer Kelly Keagy leading the charge, while the title track is an anthemic tune that could apply to life and love.

Keyboardist Eric Levy is front and center for the honkytonk-flavored “(Won’t Be Your) Fool Again” and it’s a rollickin’ good time. Line them that there shots up and knock ‘em back! “Say What You Want” is without a doubt one of the album’s best cuts, and another choice number in the NIGHT RANGER catalog. Things get more subdued with “We Can Work It Out” and the vocal harmonies are stellar. “Comfort Me” is just that…comforting. It’s like a slice of cake from back in the day that tastes oh so sweet, and once again the guitar interplay is fucking great!

“Jamie” is another great rockin’ and rollin’ track with the fiercest of choruses before we come to closer “Nothing Left of Yesterday,” which has a bit of a 60’s vibe to it. However, the hook is large and in charge, so don’t for a second think this is some hippy-dippy bullshit. All told, NIGHT RANGER have done what they do. And that is put out a record chock full of feel-good music that will have the masses dancing in the aisles. Pick up your copy of Don’t Let Up now, it’s available via Frontiers Music.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Somehow Someway”, “Say What You Want”, “(Won’t Be Your) Fool Again”, “Don’t Let Up”

RATING: 9/10

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