MACH22 Rocks The Masses At Wells Fargo Center!! – Philadelphia, PA 3/31/17

So, yesterday I told you all about how awesome BON JOVI was live, right? Well today, let’s talk about local heroes MACH22 who last summer had one of the best opportunities they could get by opening for GUNS N’ ROSES. How do you top that, you might ask? Welp…by winning ANOTHER contest and getting to open for the mighty BON JOVI at Wells Fargo Center right here in Philadelphia!!

Although this was only a five-song set, the band completely made the most of it. Frontman Lamont Caldwell, drummer Damian MonteCarlo, aka The Ambassador, guitarists Sebastian LaBar and Ric Haas, and bassist Jaron Gulino took to the stage like the seasoned pros they already are. In an awesome rock moment, as they came up the stairs, The Ambassador raised his arms in triumphant fashion and I could see his ear-to-ear grin from up in Section 205!

Wasting zero time the band tore into “I’m Just a Man” followed by “Go Ahead.” The place was pretty packed already and those of us who were there let our approval be heard. Caldwell commands the stage with ease, and the twin guitar attack is incendiary. Next up was “Radio” which is a personal favorite, and live it simply slays. This would be my second time catching them live, and as usual, their energy level was through the roof.

The guys closed out their too-short set with “Stuck In My head” and “Don’t You Give Me” and then disappeared into the night. If I know the band, and I like to think I do, they were on Cloud 9 after a night like this. At the after-party I am sure Damian was enjoying some Night Train and the rest of the guys carried on like the conquering heroes they were! If you get the chance you simply MUST catch MACH22 live. You won’t be disappointed and they are only gonna keep going up from here!



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