Sigil – Kingdom Of The Grave

So I just checked out SIGIL, a dirty, crusty Death Metal band from Austin, TX, and I am very, very impressed. They have a just-released debut album Kingdom of the Grave, which is out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and it is quite good. As you know I normally don’t do any writing till I spin a disc three full times, but I am currently on number three and I feel pretty confident my opinion isn’t gonna change on this group. It didn’t change from the first to the second, so really, why should it now?

Over the course of eight songs they hit on everything from suicide to the occult to police brutality and more. Now, don’t go worrying that we’re getting TOO thinky or anything, because at the end of the day, this is music to fuck shit up to. Opening track “Death Unreal” is a prime example of that. One thing I noticed too, is the old-time feel and warmth of the recording on this disc. It really does combine elements of the classic Swedish Death Metal with American Crust, but due to the way it’s recorded, it could just have easily been released in 1995 instead of 2017.

“Even the Gods Will Burn” was one of my favorites from jump, and I even got a bit of a TOXIC HOLOCAUST vibe from it. That hook was made for dive bars and private Texas clubs on a Saturday night where the shots are flowin’ like water. I lived in Dallas, TX for damn near three years, so I know what the fuck I’m talkin’ about. “Lick the Blade” has that chugging riff and tempo I love so much, while the title track is fast, furious, and fucking hard, with an attitude that crosses into Thrash Metal territory.

If “Summoning Hate” sounds to you like it would be an all-out rager, then you are correct. This track grabs you by the nuts then rips ‘em off while you stand there unable to believe what just happened. It also happens to be the longest on the record, clocking in at nearly six minutes. “Strange Aeons” once again is more crusty than it is death, but still, it packs a wallop without getting noisy. Short and sweet best describes “Bloodvisions” as it just comes in, does its thing, then leaves. It was alright, just not great.

The disc ends with “Death Won’t Kill Me.” Now this one has some groove and attitude to it that I fucking loved, and is a great way to close things. All in all Kingdom of the Grave is a very solid debut album from a young band that could seriously go places, not just in the Texas metal scene (which is the BEST metal scene, by the way), but all over the place. You can buy it HERE, so definitely give SIGIL a listen, and tell ‘em The Maestro sent ya!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Death Won’t Kill Me”, “Even the Gods Will Burn”, “Lick the Blade”, “Kingdom of the Dead”

RATING: 8.6/10

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