Dante’s Theory – Amut

Today is April 15…Tax Day here in the U.S. Since it falls on a Saturday, we technically have till April 18 to file, but you get the idea. This is a day when many of us are either A) rejoicing over our refunds, or B) curled up in a ball due to the fact that the government has made us residents of Ass-Rape City. So where am I going with this? Good question. Anyway, today also marks the independent release of Amut, the new EP from Singapore’s own DANTE’S THEORY. And if you’re already pissed, why not throw this fucker on and get some aggressions out?

The four songs on display here were my first taste of the group, and how sweet the taste is. Going heavy on the choppy riffs and Death Metal growls this band sounds angry as fuck, so needless to say they’ve been in heavy rotation both here at A&GS HQ and at my day gig. Right away the one that really jumped out at me was “Iron Coffin.” All the songs are good, but this one is head and shoulders above the rest. Opener “Qiamat Heretics” wastes little time in getting down to business, and lets the listener know what he/she/it is in for right away.

“Dethroned the Purist” starts out with a distinctively slow pace, and the vocals sound like a man possessed and ready to kill, but not quickly. I’m talking “rip someone apart with your teeth and savor the red, red clarin going down your throat” type of killing. Obviously these guys didn’t come to fuck around. Closer and title track “Amut” just blasts the shit out of you for about two and a half minutes, which I loved. Guarantee this is my ringtone before the weekend is over. All told, this is a fucking excellent release from DANTE’S THEORY. Amut is available HERE, so go git it!


RATING: 4.5/5

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