Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock And Roll

If you are a ROCK GODDESS fan like I am, you may have become settled into complacency and may have been thinking that it was good while it lasted, but that was 30 years ago and they’ve gone their separate ways. I’m here to tell you, that while a lot of time has passed, the ladies are back to kick some \m/etal ass. Like a good bourbon, time makes it smooth and yet it still has a bite. Well, welcome to the new EP which is this sound of ROCK GODDESS. They bring back that polished bite with a short three song EP titled It’s More Than Rock and Roll (Bite You To Death Records), scheduled for release May 19th.

They remain the three tight musicians (and might I add all just as gorgeous…in leather….I have to add that part), Jody Turner (lead vocals and guitar), Julie Turner (vocals and drums) and Tracey Lamb (vocals and bass) are back with a long awaited familiar and ‘sui generis’ sound. The band was reunited in 2013 and there seems to be an excited determination to move forward and continue down the rock n’ roll pathway. All songs were written and produced by Jody Turner and they’ve already been on reunited gigs around Europe for awhile now.

Beginning the EP is the title song “It’s More Than Rock and Roll”. Accompanied by a newly released video (watch it HERE), the song is about their dedication to each other. It’s not a fast paced number, but is classic RG with of course a killer solo, which Jody delivers. Next is “Back Off” an obvious track about an unwanted person invading personal space. With her distinct raspy \m/etal voice, Jody delivers a powerful vocal. As in the past, the three have good harmony and Jody’s unique sound (which of course delivers another great guitar solo…typical for an RG tune) all combine to bring an all too familiar, but fresh sound.

Finishing up this short EP is “We’re All Metal”. A tune about all aspects of \m/etalheads around the world. It brings all of us together, celebrating everything we are. “We are: bands, fans, wristbands, patches, leather, “t’s” and collars (never), beer and bourbon, SLAYER, METALLICA, PURPLE…Lemmy, Marshall, ……you are guaranteed your own slot whether you play guitar or not”. An anthem?  Absolutely. A cool song to end on. My hope is that this is the beginning of a new full length album. The band seems excited to be back together and that will make many old and new fans very happy. ROCK GODDESS is back!! They are “One hundred percent rock star”.  




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