Assault – The Fallen Reich

According to the bio that came with their new album The Fallen Reich (out now, Transcending Obscurity Asia), ASSAULT are “Singapore’s best kept secret.” Welp…I have a strong feeling once the lot of you maniacs sink your collective teeths into this one that won’t be the case for long. Their potent brand of Death/Thrash metal is designed to make you wanna throw trash cans through the window of Sal’s Famous Pizzeria quick two-time! With crisp, sharp, heavy riffs, a precision rhythm section, and growls for days, this band of newcomers will no doubt make some serious noise in 2017 and beyond.

As far as the songs go, you can hear an almost IRON MAIDEN-esque gallop that takes place during “Genocidal Conspiracy” along with the machine gun attack of my favorite track “Spawn of Rage.” This tune also has the best riffage on the disc, bar none, with a sweet, sweet solo to boot. Opener “Enslavement to Torture” with guest star Freddy Lim of CHTHONIC really showcases what these guys are all about, and by that I mean simply the business of busting your head open. This is one of the more aggressive songs on a very aggressive offering, so you can imagine how heavy this fucker is, eh?

“Ghettos” is crazy blast beats at firsts, then it slows down to more of a steady pummel at times, while title track “The Fallen Reich” is just assholes and elbows and fists a-flyin’ everywhere. “Final Solution” is the last song on this record and it is nothing short of the perfect closer. Everything about it just screams, “METAL FUCKING METAL!!” and if it were a live person it would probably break your nose just because. And once again, fine riffage abounds! All told The Fallen Reich is a great, great record from a band who, as I said before, won’t be a well-kept secret for much longer. Check ASSAULT out HERE and see for yourselves.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Spawn of Rage”, “The Fallen Reich”, “Final Solution”


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