The Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic

So it’s Memorial Day weekend, one of my favorite times of year. The long layoff from work allows me some time to catch up on TV shows via my DVR and check out bands and promos that might have slipped through the cracks. And that’s exactly the case with THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, who apparently are on album number three with Amber Galactic (out now, Nuclear Blast Records). How the fuck these guys escaped me until now I don’t know. But I am fully on board from here on out. This is Classic Rock done right, ladies and gentlemen! As soon as I heard the first few notes I was in musical Heaven and never wanted to come back to Earth.

When asked about the direction of TNFO within the realm of classic rock, singer Björn Strid explains with a chuckle: “Most other classic rock bands sound like weed or LSD – we sound like cocaine.” And what’s funny is that he’s 100% correct. This band has that ultimate late 70’s/early 80’s vibe down pat and the music feels like late night/early morning. What did someone once say? “The night belongs to the poets and the madmen,” I believe. Someone also once told me that NOTHING good happens after 2 a.m., but here we are. As someone who used to do a LOT of cocaine, I can definitely say this is a record I would have played while doing line after line until sunrise, and damn the consequences.

After one listen the first numbers that jumped out at me were “Jennie”, “Star of Rio”, and my favorite, “Gemini.” If you REALLY wanna take a trip back through time to the glory days of big blow-dried hair, blue eye shadow, and pink frost lipstick, then this trifecta of tunes will set you on your way for sure. Opener “Midnight Flyer” maintains the classic feel but also has elements of progressive rock. “Domino” sounds like something we’d have on the record player in a friend’s attic apartment in 1980, and that’s not even close to a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s awesome! Oh, and speaking of awesome, be sure to check out my second favorite track “Josephine.” Man, this is a great tune, with one helluva guitar solo to boot!!

Closer “Saturn In Velvet” caps off our journey back to yesteryear and it’s a great way to end things. I could go on and on, but I think you guys get the idea. The bottom line is this: I am now a YUUUUGE fan of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA. And quite frankly I can’t wait to dig into their previous two records. In the meantime, I cannot stress enough how much you need this album Amber Galactic in your lives. So put on your Jordache jeans, grab some Aqua Net, feather that hair, and let’s take a ride, whaddaya say??


RATING: 9.5/10

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