Chaos – All Against All

Indian Thrash Metal band CHAOS is back with album number two, All Against All (out now, Transcending Obscurity India). Everyone knows what a sucker I am for this metal genre when it’s good, and I can definitely say that’s the case with these guys. There’s a definite old school feel to the riffing, but at the same time they’re not stuck in 1987, and the vocals offset the music perfectly. The overall pacing of the record is good too, as they don’t just hit you with speed over and over again. There are some killer grooves in there as well.

“The Inevitable Genocide” is one of several standouts, as is the title track. They know just where and when to hit you, which sort of keeps you guessing. “Death to the Elite” has those classic thrash riffs we grew up on, and sounds almost like DEATH ANGEL at times, while “The Enemy” is the type of tune that would whip any mosh pit into a fucking frenzy with a crazy guitar solo as well. More fine riffage abounds in “Patrons of Pain” and “Asylum” with the latter being a bit faster. “The Great Divide” actually seems out of place on this album. Not sure what’s going on there to be honest.

“Portrait In Blood” was another favorite. Everything about it, the drums, the guitars, the vocals all fit together in a seamless arrangement, making it one of the best cuts on the disc. Closing things out is “The Escape” which goes from 0-60 in about three seconds, then takes a sharp left turn into uncharted territories around the 2:23 mark. So, to sum up, All Against All is a fine piece of work from the boys in CHAOS. They write good songs, even if once in awhile they fall into the trap of getting a bit repetitive. Still, if you’re a fan of good Thrash Metal, you’ll probably like this one.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Inevitable genocide”, “Portrait In Blood”, “Death to the Elite”, “The Enemy”

RATING: 8/10

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