SIGUR RÓS Live At The Bomb Factory!! – Dallas, TX 6/7/17

Flawless passion. When a coworker asked me to describe SIGUR RÓS after I had seen them at The Bomb Factory those were the first two words that came to mind. It was one of the most transfixing shows I’ve seen in my life. Everything from the production to the performance was attention grabbing and ethereal.

If angels sang at funerals that had high quality LED lights and panels, that’s close to what this was. The visuals invoked everything from the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz, to mountain ranges in the middle of beautiful nowhere. SIGUR RÓS truly captured the attention of the crowd, very few people spoke, and even fewer were on their phones aside from documenting the moment.

The real treat was that SIGUR RÓS was the only band on the bill. For the evening it was a truly intimate experience, even the gods themselves looked down and smiled. For even they know that SIGUR RÓS live is not something to be missed.


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