Helslave – Divination

Italian Death Metal maniacs HELSLAVE have returned with a new EP Divination. Out now via Black Market Metal Label this thing features four tracks that simply bang, bang, bang your skull, skull, skull all the live long day. The sound is crushingly heavy with definite 90’s Old School Death Metal leanings. One thing I noticed too, is that the mix on this record is so well-done, and it sounds great coming through my headphones as I write this. The guitar solos are fluid and clear as well.

Opener “Summoning the Eternal Eclipse” finds the band blowing the roof off right from jump and really kicks the EP off right. You’ll also get to hear what I meant about the solo as this tune features the best one on the disc. “Lord of Lies” starts out musically in Black Metal territory for a bit, then the death growls come a-knockin’ and everything takes off like a pissed-off rocket ship. The grooves, riffs, and changed up tempo of “The Spawn of Astaroth” make it an absolutely killer cut, and a favorite for sure.

Last but not least is closer “Desecration.” File this one under ‘Maestro’s Future Ringtones’ very soon. Again, it’s those guitars that get me every time. Plus this is just an angry as fuck, cornered rabid animal type of tune, one that speaks to me in volumes. All told Divination is fantastic from start to finish. HELSLAVE needs to release another full-length sooner rather than later because if these four tunes are any indication, these guys are gonna be major players in Death Metal. Buy your copy HERE, and while you’re at it, pick one up for a friend.


RATING: 4.5/5

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