Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi

Wow, it’s so amazing for me to finally be able to say that DECREPIT BIRTH finally has a new album coming! Titled Axis Mundi, this is the first DECREPIT BIRTH release in seven REALLY long years. Many fans (including myself) have been waiting a long time for this one. Everything the band has put out is heavy and tight as hell, and this release is no exception. The boys really laid down something special, needless to say it is one hundred percent pure sickness. Now sit back, and let me tell you all about it.

The opening track “Vortex of Infinity… Axis Mundi” enters with an ominous ambient intro that sounds somewhat electronic. Then the band comes in outta nowhere and rips your face off with a heavy riff. The vocals come in around two minutes and it completely changes up. Those immediately got me into it, and I knew I was in for a treat with this disc. They still know exactly what they’re doing. The following song “Spirit Guide” comes in with a ripping lead over a heavy opening. There’s an epic kind of sound to it, a synth goes along with the riff and it fits so well. It’s just a great song.

“Hieroglyphic” opens with a speedy drum fill into a really techy riff. This track is easily one of my favorites on the record. The strings are fast and ruthless, the drums are groovy and tight, and the vocals are especially heavy. This song blew me away, I mean what’s not to love here? The next tune “Transcendental Paradox” is definitely my favorite track on the CD. It opens with a deep guttural growl over a heavy slower-paced riff. This song leans slightly more toward brutal death instead of tech death, and it rules. The guitars get really melodic during the bridge leading into the breakdown, topped off with an orgasmic lead guitar. This track rules.

“Ascendant” starts off slowly with a melodic riff playing. It all cuts off, and the song speeds up. It is another one of the faster-paced ones on the album, and also one of the most catchy. The guitars and vocals match up particularly well here, it’s all put together amazingly well. Everything goes to half time when the lead comes in unexpectedly but it is ballin! The following track “Epigenetic Triplicity” opens with a quick melodic guitar lick that leads into the main riff perfectly. This track is great, being another of the top, the vocals still impress me, the guitars are still shredding, and the drums are still blazing fast. The ending is a little eerie with the way the growl fades with the music.

The final song “Embryogenesis” is an instrumental outro, and it suits the album. The melody makes this track epic, and it definitely tops this album off just right. Every instrument is very in tune with one another, making this melodic piece a great listen. The epic number slows down and ends on a chord slowly fading to the end. Axis Mundi is a great effort from the great DECREPIT BIRTH. The album is killer Tech Death Metal front to back. Any fan of this music will easily become a fan of the new release. It’s one for the books, so pick it up through Nuclear Blast Records on July 21!


RATING: 9/10


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