Abhorrent Decimation – The Pardoner


Right from the first listen I knew I would like ABHORRENT DECIMATION. They play a ferocious brand of Death Metal that is also technically proficient and easily capable of cracking skulls. Their sophomore album The Pardoner is out now on Prosthetic Records and it is very, very good. You have your brutal elements, your technical elements, and you can hear that something is going on behind the scenes on each and every track. You can also tell that the group put a great deal of work and effort into this one, and that it is meant to be a statement record, the kind that makes people sit up and take notice. For example, just look at the bio that came with it:

Conceptually, the album is an in-depth exploration into “The Pardoner”, English poet Geoffrey Chaucer’s most depraved and deceitful character from The Canterbury Tales. “The Pardoner” is a religious fraud and hypocrite who preaches against the love of greed, yet whose own love of wealth enabled him to profit off the sins of others. He claimed to work on behalf of the clergy, selling spiritual forgiveness for one’s sins in the form of his pardons, which included forged “official letters” from high ranking church officials absolving one of their sins and bones and crystals blessed with healing powers. In Chaucer’s story, “The Pardoner” tells a harrowing tale of three men whose materialism becomes the death of them.”

From the outset the immediate tracks that hit me like a hammer were “Heretic Sacrifice”, and “Black Candle Gathering.” These tunes are the ones that lure you in, then sink their teeth into your jugular while the blood flows freely and down you go. “A Glass Coffin Burial” was another one I loved not only because that title fucking rules, but also because it kicks everything in the balls with the ferocity of a Gremlin fed after midnight. “Votive offerings” is heavy, but there’s a serious sense of melody going on here, and it’s the perfect track to get your attention. It mixes the Death Metal and Deathcore up in a blender and serves five over ice.

As far as thick riffs that punch you in the gut go, “Granted indulgence” takes the cake. Imagine being an NFL tackling dummy and that is exactly the fate that awaits you during this tune. “Conspire” has a sound not unlike a Browning .50 mil air-cooled helicopter gun being unloaded in your direction, which is always great. But “A Scythe In the Dark” was a little too breakdown-laden for me, and title track “The Pardoner”, despite being almost ten minutes long, is only good for five and change. But hey, minor blemishes on a very good disc, I say.

At the end of the day The Pardoner is a very good record, and my first go’ round with ABHORRENT DECIMATION was a highly enjoyable one. If a band has way more good than bad songs on album number two, then it stands to reason that album number three will be the one that hits the ball into the upper deck. Keep an eye on these Londoners, because I guarantee we’ve not heard the last of them yet!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “A Glass Coffin Burial”, Granted Indulgence”, Heretic Sacrifice”, “Black Candle Gathering”, “Conspire”

RATING: 8.3/10

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