Primus and Clutch – The Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing!! Philadelphia, PA 7/29/17

PRIMUS and CLUTCH have set out on a North American tour together this summer. They recently played The Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. CLUTCH opened the show with “Cyborg Bette”, “Crucial Velocity”, and “Firebirds!”. They continued with songs new and old from their 26 year career, and they have played a different set on each night of this tour. The band played a new song called “How to Shake Hands” which seems to be a commentary on our socially inept president. Next up was “A Quick Death in Texas.” However, in the middle of the song they stopped.

Lead singer Neil Fallon said something like, “At a rock show there is one thing you cannot work around…a kick drum, the heartbeat. Apparently drummer Jean-Paul Gaster had broken the kick drum pedal while playing. A roadie ran out with a new one and CLUTCH started back up like nothing happened. They played several more songs after that, closing the show with “Electric Worry” and “X-Ray Visions” leaving the crowd wanting more.

Luckily for the fans that wasn’t the end of the night. PRIMUS would soon hit the stage. They started the set with “Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers.” A film was played behind the band on three large screens. It had everything from what looked like vintage stock footage to animation, all of which coordinated artistically with each song. PRIMUS is touring in support of their upcoming album The Desaturating Seven due to be released on September 29. At the end of the show the band played a two song encore “The Seven”, from the new disc and ended the show with old fan favorite “Frizzle Fry.”


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