Paganizer – Land Of Weeping Souls

I first got turned onto swedish Death Metal band PAGANIZER last summer with the On the Outskirts of Hades EP. I loved it then and I still love it now. So when my good buddy Kunal over at Transcending Obscurity Records sent me the brand spankin’ new album Land of Weeping Souls I was on it like white on rice. I’ve had it for a while now and every time I put it on I find something else to love about it, and I catch something I didn’t notice before. It’s a massively addicting record, that’s for sure, one that most extreme metal fans will surely be wetting themselves over.

Song-wise the opener “Your Suffering Will Be Legendary” and “Land of Weeping Souls” were the immediate standouts for me, along with “The Insanity Never Stops.” These three are a veritable riff-fest and they groove for days. Vocalist/guitarist Rogga Johansson is particularly vicious on this record, and these tracks in particular. “Insanity” has some killer lead breaks as well. Lead guitarist Kjetil Lynghaug gets plenty of chances to flex his muscles on the album and once again Martin Klasen’s bass and Matte Fiebig’s drums are nice and high in the mix, as they should be.

“Death Addicts Posthumous” opens up with crazy blast beats before it goes into speed/smash/kill mode, while “The Buried Undead” has a very straightforward chug-chug riff going for it, making this another track I was very into from the start. If possible, “Forlorn Dreams” is the most melodic of all the tunes, with “Soulless Feeding Machine” coming in right behind it, but by no means are they light or pussified, mind you. They still have rows of razor sharp teeth like the others, but the guitar parts have more melody to them, that’s all. It should also be noted that “Dehumanized” is a total fucking rager from beginning to end.

The album ends with “Prey to Death”, a track that only drives home my point about how crucial it is to close your records with a piledriving gut-puncher. And that is exactly what this song does. And you will love it. All in all, Land of Weeping Souls is another winning effort from the guys in PAGANIZER. I’m so glad they only made us wait a year after the EP for a full-length. Now, if we could just get them on a U.S. tour then all would be right with the world. Well, if not the whole world, at least the Death Metal part of it. But hey, a man can dream, right? The album is out now, so go git it!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Land of Weeping Souls”, “Your Suffering Will Be Legendary”, “Prey to Death”, “The Insanity Never Stops”, “The Buried Undead”

RATING: 9/10

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