Counterparts – You’re Not You Anymore

How? How the fuck can they do this? How does a band continually go out of their way to put all of their emotion on to track after track after track? How do they manage to come back after radical lineup changes, and still make a cohesive record? I can’t grasp the sheer amount of hard work that must go into crafting each song COUNTERPARTS makes, and I don’t think I want to.

As they emerge from the release of their previous album with You’re Not You Anymore (September 22Pure Noise Records), I knew I could expect a COUNTERPARTS record, I just thought it might be some sort of mellowed out version of the entity that this band has created. My doubts were so forcibly thrown to the wind the very second the album opened with a menacing stint of guitars violently feeding back into the amplifiers before they immediately thrash into the real opener, “Bouquet”. It’s a goddamn hardcore banger right out of the gate, with no punches pulled, and I’m so ecstatic about it.

One thing about that song in particular is the almost “chorus” type sections they decided to implement. Instead of just making clean singing parts, they make it so much more intense and rewarding with a huge emphasis on gang singing that I wasn’t expecting; they also throw that in key places throughout the album, making it a much richer and explosive experience.

While not a totally new and experimental representation of music from these guys, YNYA shows the band taking a few chances in the song writing realm (i.e. some blast beat sections, the chorus-ish parts, and some wicked neck snapping time changes), but not leading us on a wild goose chase of new ideas that end up incoherent, or discombobulated. It’s a little strange to say it, but I’m proud of them. I’m so proud of the way they’ve taken change with grace, and forged ahead to continue to strike me in the heart with the familiar yet piercing take on life that I feel only they can provide.

I genuinely believe this music is timeless. There’s this quality lurking just beneath the surface that I can’t quite describe. It’s within their whole discography too. I wish I could bottle that intensity/hatred/sadness/fury/whatever the hell it is just to see what in the fuck makes it so overwhelming. I do have to come clean and state, they are one of my favorite bands of all time so I am doing my best to be objective, and not just geek out “bcuz mah favrit band put out nu sawngz”, but it’s hard not to when people you only hope the best for put out another fantastic catalog of songs to carry you through more emotional turmoil, and end it with a huge collapse into closure.

Again… Thank you COUNTERPARTS.


RATING: 10/10


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