Acephalix – Decreation

Filthy Old School Fucking Death Metal. That is the ONLY way I can think of to describe ACEPHALIX and their new album Decreation (out now, 20 Buck Spin). This thing is grimy, slimy, and oozes rankness in a way I’ve never heard up to this point. And that’s fine, because life is not all slick and polished, okay? The songs on this disc have that 90’s OSDM feel, with big, chunky riffs, and deep and dark guttural growls. When you’ve had a day like I’ve had, this is perfect to get drunk to, which is EXACTLY what I’m doing as we speak.

“Upon This Altar” gets this party started in a quick, uptempo fashion, and then “Suffer (Life In Fragments)” takes the ball and runs it into the endzone for the six. “Mnemonic Death” is very interesting because when it starts you don’t quite know where it’s headed but then it steers into familiar territory and all’s right with the world. “God Is Laughing” is definitely my favorite track, and a perfect headline to describe the state this fucked up world is in right now, hmmm? That aside, the song just rips! Halfway through, and so far my first ACEPHALIX trip is a fun one.

The riff monster is alive and well on “Excremental Offerings” and this is another one of the record’s best offerings, no question. “Egoic Skin” is the longest track on the disc at 6:40, but never once does it drag or plod along. These guys don’t get down like that, which is what makes this song as well as the others all the better. Closing things out is the title track “Decreation,” going full steam ahead for one last rib-spreading, skull-crushing number. All told this is a very good Death Metal album from ACEPHALIX. Get your copy of Decreation today!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Excremental Offerings”, God Is Laughing”, “Upon This Altar”

RATING: 8.3/10

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