Talking With: The World Over’s Tiaday Ball

While catching EYES SET TO KILL live a few months back I was immediately taken by bassist/vocalist Tiaday Ball. Her stage presence gave an already great band such a kick in the ass up there, and I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement. In addition to being a terrific player, it turns out Tiaday is also a fantastic singer and fronts her own band THE WORLD OVER. Now, I had gotten their newest EP Mountains some time earlier, but unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle. Not so anymore, as it now gets played roughly four to six times a week since that night we met. She is a remarkable woman, and doing this interview was an honor and a privilege. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my chat with Tiaday Ball:

Amps: First of all, let’s talk about that big behemoth of a five-string bass you wield up there. What make is that?

Tiaday: I have two, and they are both Music Man five-strings. But the one that I used for the majority of the show you were at was the StingRay 5. It’s great.

Amps: I really can’t believe I slept on Mountains for as long as I did. It’s phenomenal!

Tiaday: Thank you.

Amps: So, tell me everything about THE WORLD OVER. Ready? GO!

Tiaday: Whew, that’s a loaded question (laughs)! Ryan (Knecht, guitar) and I are the only ones left who founded the project in the beginning. We met at the L.A. Music Academy, which is now called L.A. College of Music. All of the original members of our old band Rampart District were there, too. Our old rhythm guitarist Xavier, he started it.

He pointed to me and said, “Hey. Hey you! You’re in my band!” And I was like, “Ummmm, I’m kind of already in a band, and I don’t even know you.” So then we started hanging out and he asked me if I knew any other guitarists, so I recommended my friend Ryan.

So we all eventually got together, and over time various people came and went for whatever reasons.

Unfortunately Xavier had to move back to France due to visa issues, but we’re still great friends. Ryan actually did the majority of the writing for Mountains, a lot of pre-production with demos and making songs from scratch. He has all these ideas and he sends us demos all the time, and we build on top of those ideas.

Amps: What about the lyrics? Is that you?

Tiaday: The words are all me, yeah. I come up with melodies as well. Sometimes Ryan and I will go back and forth with melody ideas to see if we can make it even better, you know? We vibe off of each other, but with the lyrics I kind of keep to myself and then I come to the table with them.

Amps: You really are a tremendous addition to EYES SET TO KILL. You bring such a fire and energy to the show. Are you enjoying being in the band?

Tiaday: Thanks! It’s really good. I’m not playing on their current run because I’ve got a lot going, but it’s still going great. Definitely the last tour we were on, as much as I’m glad that we blew you away, there was so much that went wrong with the van breaking down so often.

Even before the tire blow out that day you saw us, we had to cancel a week of shows because our engine caught on fire! And the tour wasn’t very well-promoted as you could see. There weren’t very many people at that show.

Amps: That was upsetting to me!

Tiaday: Yeah, when I first joined I was like, “This is gonna be great! I’ve been listening to ESTK since I was in eighth grade.” Being a fan and then joining was such an honor. And they have so many fans all around the world that I thought the tour would be huge with thousands of people. And I just think it wasn’t promoted very well at all. Not a lot of people knew we were on the road. But sometimes PR is a really big factor.

Amps: Would you say the van catching fire was the most Spinal Tap thing to ever happen to you, or has there been even crazier stuff?

Tiaday: (Laughs) You know, that was definitely pretty wild, but with THE WORLD OVER, on our very first tour we went out during the winter. And we didn’t really have experience driving in snow because we’re a bunch of Cali kids. “What’s snow?” When we get rain we’re like, “What is this strange water falling from the sky?” (laughs) So we get on the road and our routing got screwed up a little bit. We were driving from Idaho all the way to Portland, Oregon and we had to be there by the next day. It was a 16-hour drive.

We’re running on no sleep, trying to drive through the night, in snow, and our drummer Tony (Costarella) puts the van on cruise control, which is just NOT a good idea, especially when you don’t have snow tires. We hit a patch of black ice and went spinning and we all thought we were gonna die (laughing)! Then we went into a ditch and had to get towed out. We’re all covered in snow, it was pretty gnarly.

Amps: Speaking of shows, what are you doing as far as upcoming tours? We need you in Philly!

Tiaday: There’s definitely something that we have in the works for mid-October if everyone’s schedules click. But, if we do come to the East coast I’ll let you know.

Amps: What are your favorite tracks off of Mountains, and why? Or are they all your babies?

Tiaday: (Laughs) well yeah, they’re all my babies. I’ve been listening to “Invisible” more lately for some reason. We actually have a new single that we finished that we’re holding onto for now.

Amps: Uhhh, we’re gonna need you to put that out yesterday, okay? (Tiaday laughs) I’m on a big “Liberosis” kick lately. What I find is that on days where I’m checking out new stuff and not feeling it I always come back to Mountains. One day I listened to it EIGHT times in a row. But you know what? It put me in a good mood, and it stopped me from becoming Stabby Joe!

Tiaday: (Bursts out laughing) well that’s good! If our music can help make you not stabby, then keep listening! Omigosh, that’s awesome. Too funny!

Amps: My son Mini-Amps loves your music, too. You guys and BAD SEED RISING are two of his favorites.

Tiaday: Awwww, he seems so sweet!

Amps: What are you listening to right now that’s really moving you?

Tiaday: I’ve been listening to “SGL” by NOW, NOW. They’re one of my favorite bands.

Amps: I love them!

Tiaday: You do? That’s so cool that you listen to them. I’m actually working on a cover of “SGL” that I’ll be putting on YouTube soon. It’s our own little twist on it.

Amps: Away from music what do you like to do to unwind?

Tiaday: Music takes up so much of my time. If I’m not watching Friends I’m usually playing Pokemon Go! I take my dogs around town and catch Pokemon (laughs).

Amps: I am a Friends addict!! Admit it right now, you cry, or at least get misty at certain episodes like I do! For instance, “The One With the Prom Video”??

Tiaday: Yeah, that was a good one for sure. Ross and Rachel breaking up, that broke my heart.

Amps: What’s next for THE WORLD OVER besides eventual World Domination?

Tiaday: (Laughs) well, we’re thinking about doing a music video soon. We’re gonna release another EP with acoustic versions of the songs on Mountains. That should be coming in fall. We have to reconvene and get it finished. It’s fun because these aren’t just stripped down acoustic songs. Ryan really worked and he’s added some latin and jazz elements, and some blues, too. It’s fun.

Amps: At what age did you realize you could sing?

Tiaday: I’ve always grown up with music in the household, with my grandfather Ernie Ball. My dad sang and played guitar on a lot of tours. He played with Bonnie Raitt and a lot of greats. Growing up there was always guitars lying around. And I got in trouble and grounded for the summer when I was a kid. So I picked one up and started strumming it. Then my dad showed me how to play. But I never wanted to be a singer, even though I sang all the time around the house. I never liked my voice, and in high school I was in a super-screamy metalcore band. Then when I was at college I really tried to better myself as a singer and musician.

Amps: What would you like to say to all your fans out there in the world?

Tiaday: Oh boy. That’s a tough one. Just based off of my experiences that no matter what you’re going through there is always a way to cope. Music can really help that. I wrote “Liberosis” when I was feeling really down, like I had no escape from my feelings. Like the lyric said I would just turn up the volume and scream my lungs out. So thank you very much for your support.

As you can probably tell I’m a BIG fan of THE WORLD OVER and of Tiaday Ball, not just as a musician, but as a person. We laughed so much during this interview while she put up with my incessant fangirling, and it was the perfect antidote for what had been, up till then, a really bad day. I really can’t wait to see this band live and I am VERY excited for what’s next from THE WORLD OVER.

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One comment to “Talking With: The World Over’s Tiaday Ball”

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