Damnation Defaced – Invader From Beyond

When I think of Death Metal combined with Sci-Fi I usually think of ALLEGAEON and ORIGIN. Well, now I can add a third band to this club: DAMNATION DEFACED, who return with a new album Invader From Beyond (out now on Apostasy Records). And much like the first two bands I mentioned these guys hit with the subtlety of a jackhammer. And amidst the brutality of the guitars, bass, drums, and growls comes synths, soundscapes, and other electronic parts. Call me crazy, but it almost feels like you’d be hearing these songs while in the cockpit of a Colonial Viper, an X-Wing Fighter, or on an ill-fated mission to LV-426.

Starting things off is “Goddess of Machines” which features a gorgeous guitar solo along with the programming I mentioned earlier. Title track “Invader From Beyond” is next and it’s a hard-hitting number that will leave you begging for mercy. “Mark of Cain” ups the ante speed-wise and riff-wise and is definitely one of the best song on this disc, and once again the soloing is so fluid and flows so smoothly. “The Observer” has that epic feel to it and is much slower in tempo, yet it still simmers to a boil before “The Key to Your Voice” comes along and starts the bludgeoning once again. Excellent use of synth on this track, too.

Vocalist Philipp Bischoff has a deep growl and yet his tone is very rich. His delivery really drives some of these songs, particularly the aforementioned “Voice” and “Observer.” But this is a band where the music is also so vital, like with “All comes to Its End.” That first minute had me wondering if it was going to be an instrumental, it was just that strong out of the gate. Then the vocals come in and are the icing on the cake. ‘Back From Apathy” has a pounding groove and again, if I actually worked out, this tune would be on my gym playlist for sure. “The Creator’s Fall” has an atmospheric intro and sounds like it could have just as easily opened the album.

Closing the disc is “Embraced By Infinity” a song that finds the rhythm section particularly in lockstep and some of the dirtier, meatier riffage on display along with Bischoff’s outstanding voice. Overall I was highly impressed with DAMNATION DEFACED and this record Invader From Beyond. In addition to it being heavy as fuck, all the nuances and electronics within the songs only enhanced them and never once detracted from the music. This is an album that I can see myself spinning a lot more for the remainder of 2017 and probably well into next year. This is definitely one you should add to your collection with a quickness.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Key to Your Voice”, “The Observer”, “Mark of Cain”, “Back From Apathy”

RATING: 9/10

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