Through The Eyes Of The Dead – Disomus

It’s admittedly been about a decade since I checked out anything by THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD. Their 2005 debut Bloodlust was one of my favorites among the early wave of deathcore bands. The album was absolute hell erupting from my headphones. I also had the chance to see that lineup on a tour with BLEEDING THROUGH and their singer, who, at that time was the loudest screamer I had ever witnessed. No shit, I saw the dude holding the microphone at full arm’s length and his screams were more powerful than any of these dudes that cup the mic.

I was bored by the group’s follow up, 2007’s Malice, and completely ignored their 2010 LP. So, aside from hearing songs off that debut come up in my iTunes playlist, I really stopped paying any mind to the South Carolina Quintet. But, after a 7 year hiatus, TTEOTD have returned with Disomus, a grotesque masquerade of grinding guitars, guttural vocal spewing and pummeling drums blasts. However, there is more here than just the deathlier elements, which is what made this group so much more appealing in their early years.

As you’ll hear when the record drops October 13 via eOne Music/Good Fight Music, there are multiple layers of depth involved with the songs herein. A standout area is the ultra melodic bridge and lead work found on “The Binding Nightmare Hex”. More examples of the group’s melodic side can be heard on the lead work of “Teras” as well as the instrumental “Ignis”, an acoustic number with a string quartet back piece.

Fret not, though. Almost every moment of the ten-track album is sure to inspire snarls and grimacing. What I’m getting at, if you haven’t picked up the hint yet, is that THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD have returned to their roots. So much so, that the group brought back both of their previous singers as guests on the album, giving a trifecta of vocal wretchedness. So do yourself a favor and pick up Disomus on October 13. I needed it. You need it. You can thank me later.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Hate the Living”, “Obitual”, “The Binding Nightmare Hex”, “Teras”,  “Til Solace, “She’ll Haunt”

RATING: 9/10


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