BIGFOOT, hailing from Wigan, England, came onto the scene in 2014, have released 2 EPs, and their debut self-titled studio album is out now via Frontiers Music. They have extensively toured the U.K. and gathered themselves quite a following. Consisting of Antony Ellis on lead vocals, Sam Miller and Mick McCullagh on guitars, Matt Avery on bass, and Tom Aspinall on drums, this band does not particularly fit into one genre of hard rock and heavy metal, but rather combines quite a few. There are a lot of AOR elements, but with a bit more heavy metal added into it as well as other elements that are difficult to pin down.

Opener “Karma,” shows how well these guys can rock and make you ready to bounce out of your seat from the energy. It is quickly evident just how much talent is in  this band. “The Fear” is one of the singles and also happens to be one of my favorite tracks. In fact, this what turned me onto them after only a small smippet. I really like how it starts out with just Antony’s vocals and a strong, sweet guitar riff. They also show a glimpse of their melodic side when the chorus hits and the guys back it up with harmonies.

“Forever Alone” is more of a ballad, showing the band’s softer side. Antony’s voice takes on a softer, more subdued tone to start out with and the guitar definitely demonstrates their 80’s metal influences. The song definitely picks up speed after the first verse, plus the harmonies when the rest of the band joins in can give you chills. The guitar solo is very passion-filled, coming straight from the soul, beautifully illustrating their glam metal and AOR influences. “Prisoner of War” starts off with a cool, groovy guitar intro. The chorus is strong and entrancing along with the band’s exquisite harmonies. You will easily find yourself bobbing your head and tapping your foot to this one, and the ending takes on a more bluesy sound.

Increasing the energy a bit more, “Freak Show” is a great song to headbang to. It also shows a heavier side with Antony adding grittier, almost grunting flourishes. If you weren’t energized yet, the fast beating drums will surely change that, while the guitar solo amps the energy up even further. At one point you think the song is done as they all stop playing, but no, they come back hard, loud, and heavy to finish it out. This would be a fun track to see in a live setting.

So maybe they have prog rock/metal influences as well? At least a little? That’s what the closing track, “Yours” made me think anyway. For one, it clocks in at 8:44 and at some points it sounds as if it has an orchestral accompaniment. It’s a sort of fantastical song and an interesting way to end the disc. However, despite the length, it really does not seem to drag on. It easily keeps you interested until the end.

Overall this is a great debut album for BIGFOOT. It is easy to see why they have acquired such a large following over three years, even before releasing a full studio album. Now, I hope these guys decide to make an appearance here in the States as I would love to see them live. I certainly look forward to hearing more from them. Pick up your copy of the record now.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Fear”, “Forever Alone”, “Yours”

RATING: 8.5/10


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