Gutslit – Amputheatre

Who wants some Brutal Death Metal that is guaranteed to fuck your eyeballs out of their sockets, then cut your throat open and feast on your blood? All of you, right?? Well then India’s own GUTSLIT and their new album Amputheatre (out now, Transcending Obscurity India) is just what you’re looking for, believe me. The minute my man Kunal at the label sent this to me I damn near did backflips (I’m too old for backflips, but still…) because I knew what I was in for. The band has picked up a new vocalist since their debut Skewered In the Sewer in Kaushal LS (GODLESS) and this is a perfect fit. Razor-sharp riffage, pounding drums, thumping bass, and LS’ death growls all mixed together make for one helluva ride from beginning to end.

“Brazen Bull” rips thing open from the get-go, as guitarist Prateek Rajagopal, bassist Gurdip Singh Narang, and drummer Aaron Pinto make you their bitch ten seconds in. Then LS comes along and that seals your fate. “From One Ear to Another” is a sonic pummeling that also manages to twist and turn, much like a knife in your chest, while “Necktie Party” features some of the most buzzsaw-type riffage on the whole disc. This one might cause permanent neck damage from all the headbanging that will likely ensue, especially live.

One of the tracks I particularly enjoyed was “Blood Eagle” with its sinister start before it goes in and just drops the hammer on you for the better part of three minutes. “Brodequin” is total OSDM and a song where great circle pits happen in a live setting, I imagine. Fuck, this one rips! Now, with a title like “Maraschino Eyeballs” you knew that was gonna be one of my favorites on the record, right? Nevermind the fact it’s so good that it made me wanna put my head through a windshield and bite the face of whoever’s driving, the name alone had me from jump, so there’s that. Killer fucking song!

“Scaphism is another winner that wastes zero time fucking around. One thing about this band, they get right to the business of wrecking shop with a quickness. Closing the disc is “Death Hammer”, a tune that when it starts you’ll have no fucking idea where it’s going, but that’s okay. At 5:38 it’s the album’s longest song, so there’s a build-up to what’s coming, and what’s coming is a reckoning, followed by some evil shit to end the song. All told Amputheatre is an excellent album from GUTSLIT, and anyone who loves Brutal Death Metal needs to get this one in their ears ASAP. You’re welcome!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Maraschino Eyeballs”, “Blood Eagle”, “Brodequin”, “Necktie Party”, “Brazen Bull”

RATING: 9.1/10

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