Narcotic Wasteland – Delirium Tremens

Lovers of the Death Metal, rejoice!! Dallas Toler-Wade is back in business full-time with NARCOTIC WASTELAND, where he provides lead vocals and guitars, as well as a new album. Delirium Tremens (out now, Megaforce Records) is loosely inspired by the drug culture found in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where the band calls home. This is an album that is not merely out to punch your face in (although it does that repeatedly), it also manages to send a message about a very real problem not just in NC, but nationwide really, regarding the way those big pharmaceutical companies destroy people for profits while turning them into zombies.

One listen to album favorite “Faces of Meth” and opener “Introspective Nightmares” should show you just how intense these songs are, but there is also a rawness, especially in the guitar sound that I found very captivating. The massive riffage is one of the reasons I keep coming back to this record again and again. “Return to the Underground” and “ We Agnostics” both feature some fearsome drum work from Phil Cancilla, and bassist Chris “Lutachrist” Dupre is right there with him. And while I’m not sure if it’s Dallas or Ed Rhone (guitars) doing the solo on “Underground”, it’s definitely a screamer. You’ll also hear some sick-assed growls on “Agnostics”

“Bleed and Swell” starts out very melodic and then becomes this chugging, churning riff that is very reminiscent of not only Old School Death Metal, but also early Thrash as well. You may not see it, but that’s what I heard. Ah, what do I know, anyway? The title track is next and man alive, does it fucking destroy! The screams of “DELIRIUM TREMENNNNNS!!” will go right through you, but in the good way. “Life Revolted” is kind of an oddball song when placed alongside the others, but it still brings plenty of fire and aggression, while “You Will Die Alone” combines power and speed to make it another album standout. That hook is fantastic!

“Husk” once again takes us on a one-way train to Blast Beatsville, which is fine by me. Some of the deepest and darkest death growls reside here as well, something I truly enjoy and can never get enough of. The guitar work from Toler-Wade and Rhone definitely shines on this song with some nifty back-and-forth between them. “Pharma Culture” ends the disc and does so in fine, brutalizing fashion, and if when it’s over you aren’t reaching for that REPEAT button to start the record over again, you just might be on drugs yourself. Delirium Tremens is an excellent Death Metal record. NARCOTIC WASTELAND is an outstanding Death Metal band. Any questions?

STANDOUT TRACKS: “You Will Die Alone”, “Faces of Meth”, “Delirium Tremens”, “We Agnostics”, “Husk”

RATING: 9/10

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