Circa Survive Rocks The Bomb Factory!! – Dallas, TX 11/7/17

Hot on the heels of the release of their newest record The Amulet, CIRCA SURVIVE made a tour stop in Dallas at The Bomb Factory. The line-up? Incredible. THRICE, CIRCA SURVIVE, BALANCE AND COMPOSURE, and CHON all on the bill. This was the lineup that both newer and seasoned fans dream of. The crowd was entirely entranced throughout the whole set. CIRCA SURVIVE tattoos were out in full force despite the colder weather and you could feel the energy build between THRICE’S set and CIRCA’S.

CIRCA SURVIVE did what they do best, which is put on an amazing show. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them many times over the past several years and with each time I’ve seen them they’ve somehow managed to get better. It’s been incredible to see not only the stage production quality increase, but also the performance itself. Anthony Green is an incredible frontman. Seeing him on stage it’s clear that this is what he’s meant to be doing, and he knows it.

Everyone in the band is performing not only for the crowd, but for themselves as well. You can tell that their art and performance is something that they take great pride in. That is a semi-rare thing to witness in this day and age. Some bands simply care about their image on stage and not the quality, or the output of the music itself. CIRCA SURVIVE has somehow managed to do both with excellence.


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