Lynch Mob and Brand of Julez live At B.B. King Blues Club and Grill!! – NYC 11/7/17

On November 7, I had the chance to see native New Yorkers BRAND OF JULEZ perform live, opening for the legendary LYNCH MOB at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill in NYC. The phone call came through late in the afternoon, and I was on the press list! I was thrilled to photograph the bands. I’ve known BRAND OF JULEZ for a couple of years now, and these boys can truly rock the house! I had also never seen LYNCH MOB perform live and I was truly excited to be there to witness it all.  

The rainstorm was intense that night, but not nearly as intense as BoJ. They opened their set with “Monkey”. This particular song is definitely a crowd pleaser. It’s about being a prisoner to the Monkey of struggling with drug abuse. They have seen their fair share of friends and music idols wrestle with addiction, which inspired them to write the song. Their latest tune “Take It All Away” was also performed and another crowd favorite.

I had a moment to speak with lead vocalist/guitarist Julez and he told me being on the road and touring has been everything they wanted. He stated “The people outside of the tri-state area are just so hungry for new rock n roll.” They were recently on tour with OTEP on the east coast, from Rochester, NY all the way down to Florida. The recent BOBAFLEX tour took them to the midwest and west coast, and Julez mentioned how great it was to finally play on the LA strip.

BRAND OF JULEZ has plans to tour for a month and a half with an amazing band starting in April of 2018. More details to follow, so keep up with them on their social media pages. They have a new album Forward (out now) and an EP in the works as well. The band’s future dreams involve touring overseas, but they are happy where they are, and are taking it one step at a time. Rock on, fellas!

After much anticipation the moment arrived that everyone awaited as the crowd started chanting LYNCH MOB.” The band walked onto the stage and started playing  “Street Fighting Man” from their 1990 debut album Wicked Sensation. Every single person in the venue cheered. It was great to see original members George Lynch and Oni Logan performing together. Their newest album The Brotherhood was recently released via Rat Pak Records.

I love the idea of the album name. It’s very fitting, because their energy, music, and stage performance tells a story of togetherness. LYNCH MOB is so much more than just a band, they are a family. Drummer Jimmy D’Anda and Bassist Sean McNabb definitely add to the groovin’ vibe of this great band!

Oni is such a trooper for being able to perform considering he wasn’t feeling too well from a dreaded cold. After slaying the song “River of Love” (which by the way is my favorite), he then asked, “Can someone get me a Hot Toddy?!?” The audience chuckled, but he did get his Hot Toddy! The rest of the evening LYNCH MOB gave a solid performance, and “Mr. Scary”, “The Hunter”, and “Into the Fire” were a few of the DOKKEN songs played. Fans really enjoyed a lot of their old favorites.

It was an amazing show and I was diggin’ the heavy guitar riffs, as well as the sound of Southern Rock. George Lynch is an insanely talented guitar player and it’s no wonder that he is considered one of the most influential and famous 1980’s metal guitarists. They closed out their set with “Wicked Sensation”. The fans were shouting “Lynch Mob”!! once again. One of the band crew guys stood on stage and said “If you want more you gotta get louder!” And oh yeah, the fans went nuts.

The band came back on stage for an encore and played their new song “Mr. Jekyll and Hyde” and ended the night with classic “Tooth and Nail”. I’m looking forward to the next time they come back to New York City.  If you haven’t already, you need to get The Brotherhood album and rock out. Wishing LYNCH MOB the best on this run and  here’s hoping they will carry on for the next decade and beyond!


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