The Pretty Reckless Shake Things Up At Starland Ballroom!! – Sayreville, NJ 11/10/17

New York City rockers, THE PRETTY RECKLESS gave a stellar performance at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ recently. It was a cold Friday night and fans were lined up outside waiting to get through the door, get warm, and start rockin’ out.

It was almost showtime as people were finding a good spot to view the festivities. The lights dimmed, Jamie Perkins (drums), Ben Phillips (guitar), and Mark Damon (bass) appeared on stage. Taylor Momsen walked out wearing a long black leather jacket, black leather pants, kick ass knee high black boots and waved to the crowd as she approached the mic. The crowd was yelling so loud and I could hear one fan shout out “Go on Girl!”  

The band went into their first song “Follow Me Down” off their Going to Hell album. Man, I love this song, because it’s so sultry and naughty. If you watch the opening of the video it reads “Dedicated to all the lost souls.” Makes you think, doesn’t it? Momsen is the essence of women rocker empowerment. She’s strong, has a killer raw rock n roll voice, and delivers such fierce emotion.

The band played “Oh My God”, “Hangman,” and “Prisoner” off their latest studio album Who You Selling For, out now on Razor & Tie. They continued to rile up the crowd with their music. All the tunes were written by Taylor and Ben Phillips and the newer ones are so soulful and groovy, and I really like the heavy blues influence.

Momsen greeted the crowd and shouted “Hello New Jersey!” She went on to say how most of their songs were recorded there this time around. Phillips was pleased to see so many people in attendance. He turned to Momsen and said, “Look at all these beautiful faces in the crowd.” The audience ate up everything they had to say. You could feel the positive energy throughout the venue. Momsen thanked the fans for coming out and supporting.

The show continued and fans were jamming right along with the band. My two favorite tunes towards the end of the night were “Going to Hell” and “Take Me Down”. They played for over an hour, but it felt so much shorter. They then said “Thank you” and left the stage, but nobody moved. It was almost like the audience knew The group had one more song in them. They were right, because the band came back out for the encore.

“Fucked Up World” another great hit that captivated the crowd. It was a fantastic show overall, and I’m so glad I was there to capture it through my lens. Watching THE PRETTY RECKLESS perform and listening to their latest hits, as well as their older songs proves they are going to shake things up. They are taking on the rock n roll world tooth and nail.


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