Come Back From The Dead – Caro Data Vermibus

Who here wants a quickie with some Old School Death Metal? Then look no further than Caro Data Vermibus, the new EP from Spain’s COME BACK FROM THE DEAD (November 30, Transcending Obscurity Records). Four tracks of nasty old school death that will make you wanna run through 16 plate glass windows then suck your own blood from your wounds. At times fast and furious, and others more slow and deliberate, this is an extremely well-paced effort.

The first song that really caught my ears was the title track “Caro Data Vermibus”, one that starts out slow like I was talking about, then takes off at a gallop for the second half. The guitars are filthy and fuzzy, sounding like something from Death Metal’s early days, which I always love. There’s a pretty hefty guitar solo as well. “Endless Bloodshed” is off to the races from jump and vocalist Paul sounds even more ready to fuck shit up on this one than the others.

Opener “Vomits of a Demonic Infestation” swings hard and connects like a baseball bat to the cranium, and this being my first exposure to the band, definitely got my attention more on the second go round than the first, making it my favorite. Closing the disc is “Carnivorous Craving From Beyond” and at first listen this was probably my least favorite of the four, but after a couple more spins I found myself getting more into it.

All told this is a solid banger of an EP from COME BACK FROM THE DEAD. It’s good enough that it has me ready to go find their full-length album so I can hear more from these guys. And I think they need to get cracking on another record sooner rather than later. If you’re a fan of PAGANIZER, AUTOPSY, and ENTOMBED (like me), then this band should be right up your alley. So go check ‘em out!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Vomits of a Demonic Infestation”, “Endless Bloodshed”


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