Pretty Boy Floyd – Public Enemies

PRETTY BOY FLOYD is back with their fifth studio album Public Enemies, out now on Frontiers Music. It features the classic loud and fun sound fans of the band came to love almost three decades ago. Time to turn it up to 11! “S.A.T.A.” is a minute and a half long intro, then first song “Feel the Heat” is a fast-paced track that starts off shooting. Kristy Majors gives you a loud, heavy and crunchy guitar riff which lead singer Steve Summers compliments with his gritty voice. Majors’ short, sweet guitar solo soars.

The speed and energy continue with “High School Queen”, “Girls All Over the World”, and “American Dream”, all of which feature their favorite theme: pretty young women. Kristy has a sweet opening power chord riff to open “We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday” which is the first ballad on the album. The harmonies are a great accompaniment to Steve’s slightly smoother and softer vocal style, while the guitar solo and pounding drums definitely pull at the soul.

The energy level comes back with a vengeance in “We Got the Power.” This number is very rock n’ roll anthem themed with a sense of empowerment. The bass, played by Kristy is given a solo after the guitar’s that builds the momentum of the song further until ultimately climaxing in the end. Another driving rock anthem comes in “Do Ya Wanna Rock”, while “Run For Your Life”, a MÖTLEY CRÜE cover, seems to have some dark blues influences.

“7 Minutes in Heaven” has somewhat of a deeper musical tone with a powerful dynamic. Kristy’s solo is also much more virtuosic in this this track. “So Young So Bad,” closes off the album with a more melodic tone and more subdued feel than the rest of the high energy songs. Naturally they end with their favorite theme, young girls. There is one line in this that cracks me up every time I hear it, see if you can figure out which line it is. Hint, it comes toward the end of the song.

If you didn’t know any better, you might think Public Enemies came out in the 80’s with how their sound, and especially Steve’s voice, has not aged or changed one bit, plus they continue with their favorite theme of young, sexy girls. These guys still like to have a good rock n’ roll time with the music turned up loud enough that the neighbors will complain. Fans of PRETTY BOY FLOYD will surely not be disappointed.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday”, “We Got the Power”, “7 Minutes in Heaven”

RATING: 9/10


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