Ektomorf – Fury

So here we go with another new album from EKTOMORF. For the uninitiated, this band from Hungary is one of the most aggressive and pissed-off sounding that you will ever come across, and Fury (February 16, AFM Records) is no exception. In fact, this just might be my favorite from this group of maniacs, I’ll let you know later. Vocalist/guitarist Zoltán Farkas has not lost one bit of his venom, lyrically, vocally, or riff-wise since the last two records Aggressor and Retribution. This one is 100% a sonic beatdown from beginning to end, and after the last few days at my full-time job, I sure needed this disc in my life.

Opener “The Prophet of Doom” sounds like a brick being dropped from an overpass through an unsuspecting driver’s windshield that in turn causes a major accident, with blood flowing red on the highway. I fucking loved it from the very first listen! “AK 47” very much has a DECAPITATED vibe going on for much of it guitar-wise. They are one of my favorite bands on Earth, so Hell yeah I was all in. Title track “Fury” is definitely a pummeler, and “Faith and Strength” will have you on your feet, screaming, and headbanging in no time at all. This is definitely one of the album’s best cuts for sure, and I think you guys will go batshit to it, as I did.

“Infernal Warfare” brings the Thrash Metal heaviness with a quickness and if you’re in the pit when this one comes on live, get ready to be bloodied and bruised. The guitar tone and drum sound on “Tears of Christ” made this track another favorite before Zoli even started singing, THAT’S how good it is. I know I say these things often, but a tune like this makes me want to either put my head through a window or bite someone’s goddamn face off and laugh maniacally while they bleed profusely. I have anger issues, that’s not exactly news.

“Blood For Blood” has a tribal drum pattern that goes along with the buzzsaw guitar riffs and venomous vocals. This is EKTOMORF all the way and all fans should go ballistic over this one. “If You’re Willing to Die” is very much a slow, grinding number that is like a musical slasher wielding his knife as he camly stalks his prey, ready to strike when they least expect it. Closer “Skin Them Alive” is one of those songs that makes you wanna do just that to someone you hate. There’s a primal feeling in the music and the vocals that makes you want to spill blood figuratively, if not literally (Well, for me it would be literally, but hey…).

This is without a doubt my favorite EKTOMORF album, and Fury is one that needs to be played loudly in every car, home stereo, phone, and wherever the fuck it is you guys listen to your music! I’m serious, if these tracks don’t get you up and moving, or breaking shit, then I dunno what to say…you probably suck as a person. Never have I wanted to see these guys live more than I do right now at this very moment. I truly hope I get the opportunity sooner rather than later. Grab your copy on February 16 and go fuck shit up…that’s an order.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Tears of Christ”, “The Prophet of Doom”, “Skin Them Alive”, “Faith and Strength”, “AK 47”

RATING: 9/10

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