Asking Alexandria and Crown The Empire Rock Gas Monkey Live!! – Dallas, TX 2/16/18

The Resurrection Tour, featuring ASKING ALEXANDRIA and CROWN THE EMPIRE, was something I’d been looking forward to for a solid couple of months. After a work week that was less than stellar, and fighting traffic for almost an hour, I pulled into the parking lot of Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, Texas on Friday night. Apparently I wasn’t the only one excited about seeing these guys in action, as fans were lined around the back of the building, which if you’ve ever been to this venue, you know is a long ass walk.

I walked through the door as hometown Dallas heroes CROWN THE EMPIRE began their set and it took me every second of their first song to get to the stage. Everyone had already crushed to the front, and it was an absolute madhouse. Not going to lie, it felt like home. After the first few songs, I found myself a cozy spot by the bar, next to the barricade to rock out with my fellow metalheads. At one point, vocalist Andy Leo, called out “Crowd surf me a shot!” which hilariously enough panicked the security in front of the stage.

A young lady next to me at the bar took her opportunity, and security let her through the barricade to bring Andy his requested liquor. As they played through songs like “Prisoners of War”, “The Fall Out”, and “Memories of a Broken Heart”, it was everything we could have hoped for…well, maybe I was hoping for their cover of MAROON 5’s “Payphone” but beggars can’t be choosers.

The girls at the barricade were losing their minds while the guitar techs and stage hands worked their magic in advance of ASKING ALEXANDRIA. Their show lighting easily makes my top five from the concerts I’ve seen in the last year. I’m not sure if vocalist Danny Worsnop was sick, but after two songs, I noticed him taking a break in the eaves of the stage to take a breathing treatment of some kind.

I will say that I didn’t notice any significant performance issues, except in “Run Free”, but a significant amount of help from the crowd helped him through it. “The Final Episode”, “Into The Fire” and the acoustic “Vultures” were all impressively done. For the first time seeing ASKING ALEXANDRIA, it was enjoyable for sure. And it’s definitely worth seeing these bands on the remainder of their US tour.


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